Show me your Denaros!!

  1. I am obessed with them and love to see the different pic placement on them. Here is my adios star:

  2. ^^ that is so cute :love::love:

    iv been surching for a citta denaro with a good placement so far no luck

    i cant wait to see (and drool over) them all
  3. Wow, tvstar, amazing placement!

    Here's my Famiglia denaro, I got it for under retail on eBay, and I knew that the tan wouldn't get dirty easily. I love the vampire bunnies and Polpettina!
  4. Here are the fronts of my paradiso and pirata denaros:


    And the backs!

  5. Oooooooh, I love that AS denaro with the Latte!! Couldn't have gotten better placement!!

    Here are my denaros, front and back...
    denarosfront.jpg denarosback.jpg

  6. You are the denaro :queen:..all of them are soooo cute!
  7. omg maya thats crazy lol alot of denaros! i only have two lolz and maybe only one cuz my mom really wants my amore one lolz...

    Yikes, kinda big oh well lolz...




  8. No, I don't think I'm the denaro queen... I could have sworn angelic*ruin says she has to match her bags to denaro's too, and she's got WAY more bags and prints than I do!! So she's got to have way more denaro's!!

    She even won an OP one yesterday or the day before that I was watching because it was so cute with the Yellow Cactus Kid!!

    I'd really love to add a Famiglia denaro with the bird on the front and a L'amore denaro with the pair of pink birds on the front!!
  9. Nahh I didnt' say you were the denaro queen, just that that's alot of denaros.

    IDK, I know LVixen has alot of denaros too...
  10. I didn't say you did. *lol* tvstar said it.
  11. oh hahaha i didnt even see her post lmfao.
  12. i :heart: denaros! i want all of um to match my bag...oh well got a long way to go. here's mines....
    also waiting on my PARADISO DENARO i won under retail on eBay! :yahoo:
    hope to find a foresta, l'amore and inferno one day!
  13. Yeah, I have a LOT of denaros and I did win the OP denaro last night. I've been wanting one of those forever and finally caved and bought it. I've got denaros for all the prints except Olive Camo Playground and Tan PG. They're in my slide show, so I won't waste space reposting pics. But, yeah, LVixen may have me beat. I know she has multiples of at least a couple prints.

    :heart: the Latte on your A.S. Denaro TVstar. My A.S. denaro placement sucks:tdown:, but that was back when I was ordering from before I knew about Pulse.
  14. I saw you won that OP Denaro! YAY!! CONGRATS! It's the cutest thing, isn't it??:yes:

    But yeah, I have about 27 Denaros right now...I'm a complete Denaro freak!:wacko: LOL!