Show me your curly hairstyle, please! Or of a curly style you like!

  1. I have boring, long layered really curly hair. I call it high-school hair b/c it seems like every 2nd girl in high school wears their hair like mine! It's cute, but makes me feel too young. Not to mention I've been out of high school for a while!!

    Basically, I want a more sophisticated curly style. I'm thinking of Kelly Wearstler's style on the show "Top Design" where she has big curly hair with long bangs. I wish I could find a pic.... If anyone has seen this show,do you like this hairstyle?

    I need inspiration! :shrugs: Almost everyone I know with curly hair succumbs to the flat iron everyday, and I don't want to have to do that. If you have a pic of your curly style - or a style you like - can you please post it? TIA!
  2. I have really curly hair that I'm trying to grow out. Have you been to the website? Tons of info, pics, tips, ideas, etc. I HIGHLY suggest checking it out! HTH!
  3. [​IMG]

    Mine, when I actually wear it curly...which is never. My hair is frizzy and yucky if I don't have time to do it. I don't wear my bangs straight either, they're usually curly like this...


    It's my favorite curly style. I just love the fullness.
  4. maybe show us a pic of your hair - curly hair can vary a lot, so different lengths might be cute depending on the type of curls you have and your face shape. my hair was long and curly for a long time. i eventually got it cut up to between my shoulders and my chin, and i could use pins and headbands to make all kinds of different cute styles, which i liked. i decided i wanted to wear it straight for a while, though, so now i have a posh bob.
  5. Lauren Ashley: Cute style! I like how the bangs are worked so well into the cut - they blend in instead of standing out. Is that you in the pic? If so, you're really pretty!
  6. I don't have a pic of my hair. Hmmm..... It's very similar to (actress) Julianna Margulise's hair - in length and the tightness of my curls. My hair is a dark brown (no dye). I know I need lots of layers to keep my hair from being triangular (you curly haired girls know what I'm talking about!).

    The angled bob is my favorite style - I wish I could wear it, but I can't commit to a daily flat-iron routine. It'd probably suit my face though (somewhat long). Lucky you to have a posh bob!:drool:
  7. Stylized, hahaha no, thats not me. I wish!!!! That's Hilarie Burton. She was a VJ on MTV for a while and is now on One Tree Hill. I just love her hair so much.
  8. I was like wow girl, you need to get off this computer and start modeling today, i'll be your agent and im not even an agent, I totally thought that was you as well!:tup:
  9. i thought i'd never flat iron every day, either, but i got a GHD iron and it takes me less than ten minutes with that, so i decided to take the plunge and get the angled bob!

    i bet your hair would look cute in the first cut i described - cut so when it's curly, it's about halfway between your chin and shoulders. it made my curls really springy because they weren't weighed down by the length of my hair and i could do a lot of different things with it depending on how i pinned it.
  10. Amanda: I'll look into a GHD iron, but I bought a new flat iron about a year ago! I paid about $100 on sale. I'll look into GHD irons though... Thanks!
  11. here's some more encouragement to take the angled bob plunge. i looooved mine.....but my new job requires hair up, so i've been growing it out. i miss it a lot.

    please ignore the faded hair color and crispy-ness in the straight picture. it didn't usually look that way but it's the only picture i could find where it wasn't tucked behind my ears (even though you still can't see the angle-ness very well....)
    me.jpg me2.jpg
  12. I have absolutely no suggestions for curly hair, but I hope you find something that works for you!

  13. whoooooo!! youre BEAUTIFUL!! :girlsigh: soooo stunning!!
  14. ilzabet: Thanks for the encouragement! The angled bob looks so amazing on you! You have a BEAUTIFUL smile. I'm going to go out today and grab a few magazines for inspiration. I'm loving the asymetrical angled bob that the singer Rhianna has.... I'm not sure how practical that would be though :nogood:
  15. aww thank you guys for the compliments! :flowers: