Show me your Corrieres!!!

  1. I can't seem to find a pic of someone wearing a Corriere anywhere. I am curious about the size and how you wear it. Please help a newly addicted Toki-freak! :p
  2. Me thinks no one has a Corriere. :wondering
  3. I think tehlilone has an Inferno Corriere that she has posted a few times before, at least I think she's the one who has it. Check the Great Bag Reference thread stickied at the top. I am pretty certain it's in there somewhere.

    Otherwise, maybe she'll see this thread and be able to post it again. It's very cute, but a surprisingly big bag irl.
  4. Under the "30% off" thread on page 7 there are a couple of pics.
  5. I have a Foresta Corriere. It looks big but it wears well and I'm short. I love it. I will try to take a pic for y'all.
  6. I have an inferno corriere but I haven't used it yet and I don't have a pic of it. sorry. I just wanted let you know that people do one them but it is too big of a bag for me to use everyday. It is more like a bag to use when we take the kids to an amusement park or something. Plenty of room for extra clothes, snacks, and drinks.
  7. There are seven corriere's on e-bay right now, all different prints (except two Paradiso's)!
  8. I usually post this in the corriere threads (you might find it in older threads). I'm 5" and a size 7-9ish person

    If you don't overstuff it... it usually wraps around teh body a little so it's not just sticking out... if you stuff it it kind of stucks out funny

    here's a pic of it compared to a scuola btw
  9. Oh, I like that! Thanks for the pics! It is much bigger than I thought and I think it would make a great diaper bag. :tup:
  10. it's good to know short people can wear this. i'd wanted a nuvola, but word on the street(board) is that its too long for short people
  11. hey tehlilone, would you happen to have other bags you can take a picture of next to your corriere?
  12. what kind of bags? I can take them later (leaving the house right now) I think those are the only ones that I have already taken... I haven't really taken any recent ones :lol:
  13. do you happen to have a campeggio you can take a pic with the corriere? Or a stellina even? Or whatever other style bag you have...

    Whenever you have the time though! No rush :smile: thanks in advance!
  14. kk I'll take it tomorrow :smile: I don't have a campeggio but I do have a stellina :biggrin: and yeah I have quite a few bags so just let me know what styles. I don't have a campeggio, cucciolo, nuvola, trenino or avventura but I think I have pretty much everything else