Show me your Coach colors!

  1. I have a black Ali and a tobacco Chelsea Abbey, both of which I :heart::heart::heart:. So I've covered the basic black and brown bags (sort of) with those two and I'm looking to see some of the pretty Coach colors that they've released over the years. I adore color! I own a Mineral hobo and a Pond shoulder bag and obviously I've seen the current crop of colors though I'm disappointed that so many of the ones I love (Magenta, Pool, Grass) are only available as duffles :crybaby:.

    Anyway...I'm pretty bored today so show me some of the gorgeous color pieces I've missed out on! :tup:
  2. This should be a fun thread! Here is a start:yes:
    Ebay Pics 292.jpg Ebay Pics 308.jpg Ebay Pics 442.jpg Ebay Pics 614.jpg Ebay Pics 716.jpg
  3. Here are my 2 favorite Coach colors currently in my collection; Madeline in geranium and Hampton's Embossed Signature Stripe Satchel in navy.

    I have a magenta Bleecker too but I'm going to be finding her a new mommy. She's just too hard for me to get in and out of!
    hampton's satchel.jpg madeline.jpg bleecker duffle.jpg
  4. Girls, I'm drooling already! :drool:
  5. Oh, Kimmie! I love your punch tote and your legacy striped wallet!!! PURDY! :love:
  6. Kimmie I love your scarf print wristlet.
  7. Here is my most colorful coach...
  8. ooh what a fun idea!! i *love* looking at the pond/turquoise colors the most bc i want a bag in that color but am actually AFRAID of color right now, lol. i dont think i'll know how to incorporate it into outfits without looking stupid!! my collection is below & made up of ALL brown & camel colors. luckily i have 2 colorful scarves so that i can throw in a splash of color before i commit to a colorful bag :smile:
  9. I don't have too many colorful Coach bags, but I think these might qualify as colorful.
    The first one is a scribble tote
    The second is a Pink heritage medium tote
    scribble.JPG 2007_1230mammoth0007.JPG