Show Me Your Clutch !!!

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  1. Show me your "earth tone" or brown colored clutch. If you want, give me a rough price of how much it cost too...thanks in advanced :yes:
  2. no one? this sucks ... looking for a Christmas present for my friend
  3. oo thats it small enough to fit in a med sized bag? thanks for your post =)
  4. sorry, i don't have lots of clutches.
    my clutches mostly are vintage mesh :P
  5. I was just looking at them yesterday, they are supposed to be carried as a bag, I think they are too big to be used as a wallet or inside another bag.
  6. I don't, but in a med size bag, it would take up as much room as say, a makeup bag.
  7. ahhh...thanks though...its cute

    uhh anyone else?
  8. I've only got a black one, silver one and bright yellow...
  9. Sorry, I haven't picked up a new clutch in so many...oh ever! I usually hit the vintage stores to cute clutches that rock. They can be so sleek and elegant. I have this pretty silk clutch with Roses in various shades of red. Whenever I use it, someone always asks me where I got it.

    Check your vintage shops! You might just find...a find!
  10. I have lots of clutches, but none of them are brown, apart from an Art Deco one and my Chloe continental wallet, which I use as a clutch.

    I don't know what your budget is, but have you considered a Bottega Veneta large zip around/continental wallet?
  11. while it can be carried as a purse...its not too big so depending on how much uve got in ur purse i think it would DEF fit!
  12. I have a Michelle Frantz clutch that I got from her website on sale for about $40 or so. It's very cute, nice lining but on the smaller side. I don't know if you can get it anymore though. I love her new clutches with the snake hardware on it and those are probably easier to find. They may even be on sale somewhere. A search on the web for Michelle Frantz may turn up something. Pic from Hope that helps!
    michelle frantz clutch.jpg
  13. My clutches are vintage, also. The Lauren Merkin ones are prob. more than you want to spend. ($200, I think)
  14. i dont want to spend more than 3 bills...but thanks for all your info...ive never heard of these names...but will be googling them this weekend