Show me your charms! (LV or not)

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  1. I just purchased a Damier Speedy 30 from Eluxury and I am looking for a charm. I would love to see pictures of your charms (LV or not!) and where you bought them.:wlae:
  2. Vey helpful, thank you! I'd love if in this thread I can find out where to buy some of them! I don't think I could pay the LV charm prices, so i'm more curious about other brands and where to purchase them.
  3. In the thread I posted, there are Juicy Couture charms which run about $50 on average (sold at Nordstrom's, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and more), and even some that people got for a couple of dollars at open air markets. You might be surprised at what you find in there!
  4. Coach has cute charms too.. 20 to 40 bucks usually

    here's my mini lin speedy with coach strawberry charm
  5. I saw a very unique one ( I will have to search again ) of a gold skull charm on a Speedy that I fell in love with. I have searched all over the internet and several brands (coach, juicy, etc) but i'd love something not as common. I havent found anything even close yet :sad:
  6. ^There was a silver Coach one but it's sold out this:
  7. pomme heart
    mc fleurs
    mom's brown pastilles

    I don't really hang charms off my bag, since I use the bosphore pm messenger, but my mom borrows my fleurs and uses her pastilles all the time off her speedy.
    I use my pomme couer as a coin purse, and not really a charm, but it would be cute as a charm too :smile:
    mc fleurs.jpg pomme couer.jpg lv accessories.jpg
  8. I have the coach keychain (good ole eBay!). heres the charm I love [​IMG]
  9. I was thinking of buying the initial charms from Coach and doing my first and last initial. Do you think that's corny?
  10. ^No, lots of people do that.
  11. Well, let's hope that I'm not corny because I always use my coach initial keyring..heehee
  12. here's my charm on my speedy 30
  13. i cant decide which charm to get ! does any1 know if any new keychains are comming out?
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