Show me your Chanel wallets!

  1. And (if you don't mind) how much you paid? I recently got the med/large flap in black caviar as my first bag, and now I'm looking to add a matching wallet. Thanks!
  2. I just bought a wallet but am selling it on eBay, its from the perforated line :smile:
    long story. . .anyhoo I still have another beautiful classic lambskin chanel with gold hardware, i will try to post pics
  3. [​IMG]


    i have no idea which chanel's line my purse fall into:confused1:...but i juz love its style.:heart::yahoo: want to get pink but by the time i got it, they ran out of the nicest colours already...:crybaby: bought for HKD $2900:rolleyes:
  4. I just bought the PARIS NEW YORK From the 06 line iin black from the Chanel Boutique in Tysons Corner.. 675.00- they got a few of them if anyone is interested..
  5. ^^^ there's a consignment store near me that had that one for 375. i was wondering what the retail was. i thought about buying it (someone was holding it and i was going to call to see if she got it) but then the SA mentioned someone had brought in a few of them and that made me nervous. they also had 2 cambon card cases and a cambon ipod holder. where on earth would someone have all of that to sell for less than retail?
  6. right right, thats how i feel. I am so skeptical. There are some professional shoplifters that steal in big quatinties and sell them.. but I doubt they would be able to get ahold of a boat load of chanel anythings...
    Its a great wallet and a great investment- in my opinion.. its quite pricey, but for the type of leather- it will always look new.. I can see me using this wallet for the next 5 years or so... if nothing else comes available that I like better.. lol
    but for 3750 if its real thats a great steal and if its in great condition

  7. oh it's brand new. that's the thing- how did they get a few of them brand new to sell for that much less than retail?

    sorry for the hijack.
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    It was a preloved wallet and was a great deal!!!!! I love it so much!! :heart::heart::heart:
  9. I have the large white perfo flap wallet, I believe it was $675. Great wallet but wouldnt recommend a white wallet, its getting pretty dirty imo but my SA said its not compared to some she has seen. I shudder to think of what they look like!
  10. ccchloeee, that wallet is TDF!

  11. OMG I LOVE that!!!....Lucky girl!!!!!
  12. Thanks evy - I was just about to point her to that thread!
  13. oh and i have the cambon pochette wallet i think it's called. i ADORE it. perfect size for medium or east west flaps. not my every day wallet- only for my smaller bags.