Show me your ceries key cles please

  1. Hello everybody, please help me out here.
    The story is that I bought a cerises key cles from one seller of ALVA(it is on the way). I was told it was authentic as she has the receipt and bought it in a boutique. Then earlier today I found one that Fashionphile was selling. Guess what? The patterns are different. I will attach the pics at the end. It almost gave me a heart attack!
    I asked the question in the Authenticate thread. Seems like both patterns could be genuine?
    Could you show me yours?:heart:
    8a_12[1].jpg 1837129[1].jpg
  2. is it possible that the one on the left is the back and the one on the right is the front ? so that is the reason its different,

    reaso i say this is the key chain part is on opposite sides.
  3. front

  4. this belongs to a pfm.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. this was Luccibag's / now sold

  6. No. the relationship of the cerises and LV and others are different.
    See, the stem of the cherry ends right next to the V in Fashionphile's. But the other one past all the way.:rolleyes:
  7. here is one that lv_obessed just bought
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. here are few different ones, you'll see that there is a difference

  9. Yours looks like the luccibags' one

  10. Mine goes past all the way too, and so do a few others in these pics.
  11. Thank u Bag Fetish. Now after you showed me all these pics I believe both patterns are genuine. Do you agree?
    I wonder why LV make things so hard to identify though.:rolleyes:
    Thanks again.:heart:
  12. The cerises cles came with two different with the top row of cherries with the smile, and a second with the top row of cherries with the surprised look. It was just the different pieces of canvas they used
  13. I think like anything LV is trying to make it hard for those making fakes.
  14. Thanks everybody for your reassurance. Now I am feeling much better.:yahoo: