show me your broken in giant mid-days

Oct 15, 2008

I am having hard time finding pics of broken in mid days.
I actually wonder if the handels will stetch and how the cardbox (that is under the leather that is under the arm when you wear the bag on the shoulder) will be after a while. Will he stay stif? Don't know if you see what I mean?
thanks alot :smile:


Feb 6, 2009
Wow I haven't even thought of that! I got my first mid-day during spring break but kept it at the back of my closet (that's what I get for ignoring university work :P) and was hoping to use it next semester.. now I'm worried it would sag :sad:

With Balenciaga bags I usually use the long strap if I'm carrying on my shoulder and the short ones if I'm carrying it on my elbows, but mid-day doesn't have a long strap so I'm not really sure.. The space between the handle and the top of the bag is pretty narrow so I probably won't carry it on my shoulder

I'm really hoping someone could post a broken in mid-day so I can actually use the bag! :P


Mar 1, 2006
In the sunshine!
I don't use my midday as an everyday bag but the handles have stretched a bit since purchase (I try to sling it on the shoulder whenever possible.). I have heard the cardbox softens over time but I prefer it a bit more rigid to hold the shape of the bag.