Show me your broken-in bags!

  1. Hello ladies!

    So my new 06 grenat city is hanging out on the couch with me as i type this. i've gone through the forums and done searches on LMB, apple guard, lubriderm... but my question is:

    how much does the shine wear off naturally? She's starting to get nice and slouchy and much less boxy (i've been carrying a big bottle of water with me everywhere and my arm may get tired but dang if i'm goin to get these handles to stretch!) but she's still a little more 'new' looking and shinier than i'd like. i hesitate to use products on her and was wondering if anyone here in the forum has had experience with the bag just breaking in naturally?

    sorry if this has been repeated in other threads, but i tried searching for "breaking in bag" and nothing relevant came up!

    thanks in advance :smile:
  2. :yes: I break in all my bbags naturally, it takes time but I think its worth it. I actually talked to Sarah at Balenciaga about this and she said that the bags are supposed to be broken in naturally and I certainly have several bags to prove that it works well. Although putting other products on it may be quicker.

    But to answer your question it does get less shiny over time, its still shiny but not new shiny (:shrugs: I don't know how to describe it) and the leather :heart: becomes much more beautiful.
  3. Yeah, my new grenta city is kinda structured, eventually....hopefully it will slouch like my truffle.
  4. It does take a while, depending on the leather my RV and greige have "broken in " very quickly the leather is just so soft already, (no conditioning needed) my camel is a bit thicker in leather so it takes longer!
  5. i know what you mean, when i first got my 06 black i didn't like the boxy look at all. i wanted it to be sloucy and not to be structured. But it's been a month now and still pretty shiny but less shiny and less structured when i first got it.
    I just carry a bunch of stuff in my bag... anywayssss the process probably take a long time, but it'll be worth it!
  6. try to use your bag very often and be patient because it's worth it !! :drool: :drool:
  7. i'm giong to use this bag every day until she starts looking older. i am determined :push:

    maybe i should get another one and alternate them.... break them both in at the same time =D
  8. do the handles really stretch out?
  9. Getting another Bbag is ALWAYS a good idea :graucho:

    Be patient with your bag, and enjoy the breaking in process. It's TOTALLY worth it!
  10. ^^ Completely agree, just let nature do its job :smile:
  11. i let the nature :yes:
  12. I have really been using my Sandstone BBag and it is getting very broken in. I keep stuffing it full of stuff and it seems to be speeding up the process. I can't believe how much I love this leather.

    It has always been soft and thick but it is turning into silk. It is an amazing bag.

    Do all Bbags normally break-in like this? Have you found that certain bags break in slower than others?

    Let's talk about the breaking in process....:p
  13. Mine was pretty soft right from the very soft..I have the day "hobo" so it slouched automatically...I love it!
  14. jewelqueen - about how long roughly has it taken to notice the difference?
  15. My white GH city was slouchy, but didn't loose it's shape completely when placed on a table, when I first got it. But after using it a couple of months, its gotten super soft and slouchy. It feels much smoother now.