Show me your Brandywells and Walderstons!!


Dec 17, 2009
Hi all,

In an attempt to get some more photos up here of some bags that aren't already posted in the "photos" sections, I'm calling upon you all to help me really get a good look at the Brandywell and Walderston bags. Specifically, the Brandywell in Leopard (and Black!) and the Walderston in Lace and Union print. :search:

I know a few of you have the Walderston and a BUNCH of you have the Brandywell. . .

, I know you have the Union Walderston. I'd love to see this bag on you! :drool:

and brian I see the Union print in your avatar. Please do share some other photos! :wondering

As for the throngs of ladies who've purchased the Leo Brandywell, lambiepie I saw some cute pictures of yours being modeled, but I'd love some more pictures! :coolpics:

Thanks so much my fellow Gwen lovers!
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Thanks Bishes $$$
Sep 23, 2007
^ Hehe, thanks novalemon! I will attempt some more pics of my dear brandywell soon! I am in talks with myself to add the rose printed brandywell to my collection soon. If I do I will post pics of that one as well! ;)

All I can say for now is that I absolutely adore my leo brandywell! It's lightweight, roomy and overall a fantastic everyday bag (for me anyways).