Show me your Bordeaux bags: I'd love to have one, not sure which style

  1. Choices for me are the twiggy, box, day or city or first. (see how undecided I am?)

    can i see pics of your bordeux bags? This is by far my fave shade of red. The attached pic makes me want it even more :drool:
  2. Here is mine sitting next to a 05 rouge theatre. I absolutely love it!!!
  3. nice one Becca!! I wonder if bordeaux is the same as oxblood?

    All I do know is that bordeaux is the one I have always loved. This is from 05?
  4. Here is my new (to me) 2005 Bordeaux City :heart: - The leather is so smooshy!! :yahoo:
    Bordeaux 2005 005.jpg Bordeaux 2005 009.jpg
  5. very nice purse ooooh! I'd love to see a twiggy in it.

    Is that what Lohan is carrying in the pic I attached?
  6. Here's a bordeaux city I had that went to a new mommy:

  7. Hi, here is mine, i have posted this pic in the WORK CLUB thread....however, the work bordeoux 05 is no longer mine......:sad:
  8. Bordeaux ROCKS. I'll have to keep a keen eye out for one. Its such a rich red that I really like. Are the tassles white though on the edges? That's my only pet peeve... if they are, I'd have to ask balNY if they would dye them. An sa at Bal told me once that they do that (although I assume she's based that on bags bought at the store, not elsewhere?). ....
  9. Here is my Bordeaux city...she is so smoochy. :love:
    Sorry about the crappy pic, she is more beautiful in real life. Great shade of a glass of red wine.
  10. This one isn't mine - it actually belonged (I think) to our very own mimz. FOr some reason I've always drolled over this bag, so I saved some pictures. Enjoy!

  11. Here's my bordeaux box


  12. Thank you so much! I don't see a picture attached:shrugs:
  13. Its the pic attached from my very first post on this thread. I'll try attaching it again right here....