Show Me Your BEs - With your Favorite Shoes!!! (inspired from the Bal and RM forum)

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    I just left the RM forum and saw this cute thread, and I couldn't resist...only problem is I have not received any of my BE bags yet,:nogood: therefore I can't post anything yet. So, without further ado...if you got em' post em'!!!:tup:

    Well, damn,I already see a mistake, the title is supposed to say "Show me your BE's..." Sorry.
  2. ^^Um, it may be an idea to change the title to 'Show me your BE's......' so it doesn't get moved!
  3. How? I've tried editing and it won't work.
  4. Oh BE Mod, can you please change the title of the tread to: "Show Me your BE's..."? Thank you!

  5. I can already tell this is going to be a great thread! I can't wait to see the bags with shoes!!!
  6. Here are some pics of my black Krizia shoes that I wear for dressy occasions and this is what I would wear with them, my CM in black crash or my FWM in mottled silver!
    28-11-08_1011.jpg 28-11-08_1014.jpg 28-11-08_1015.jpg 28-11-08_1017.jpg
  7. And here are some pics of my new Neet boots in blue/grey along with my pewter Hold Me, LM Midi in dark grey and IY tote in petrol, which seem to go quite nicely.:yes:
    28-11-08_1021.jpg 28-11-08_1023.jpg 28-11-08_1026.jpg 28-11-08_1027.jpg
  8. Oh wow CB! All the combis go really, really well together. I especially like the booties with your petrol IYT, for a dressier look, and the HM for a funky/casual look. ;)

    I'm afraid, I live in my bright yellow converse shoes and red Clarks flats at the moment, so look like a bit of a tramp! :nuts:
  9. Thanks!

    Those boots are surprisingly comfy and seem to go with a lot so I'm pretty pleased.:yes:

    I'm wearing my heavy duty ankle boots today which look as if they've come off a building site!:nuts: Well it was quite icy earlier on - here you go, this'll make you feel better Tash! (The bag is my LM Midi in choc. and the bovver boy boots are Wrangler!)
    28-11-08_1119.jpg 28-11-08_1120.jpg
  10. ^Hahahah!! They look lovely......and still look dressier than mine!! :nuts: But, that reminds me to get my Timberland boots out for the winter!! It's meant to be snowing again this weekend! :yes:
  11. :tumbleweed: ... what, nobody going to show us their footwear with their bags??:search:It was the bovver boots wasn't it - scared everybody off ...!:push:
  12. I love your Neet boots! They look like they're fun to wear.

    I should really try some colorful boots. Most of my shoes and boots are black and brown - very boring.
  13. Great footwear CB!
  14. Since now I have a BE bag and I can officially participate in my own thread. The first 2 pics are of my dark grey glossy MMS along with my Isaac Mizrahi leopard print shoes. You can really see the brown in this bag.
    IMGP0733.JPG IMGP0738.JPG
  15. The next photo is of my MMS along with my Nine West metallic tri color wedge sandals. I can't wait for warmer, drier weather, so I can wear this combo.