Show Me Your Belts!

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  1. I need a belt so I'd love to see what you ladies enjoy wearing.

    I want one that's fairly slim (needs to fit through the loops of jeans and trousers) and functional rather than purely decorative. Other than that I'm fairly open although I'm particularly curious to see anything in tan/brown/barenia colour and without the H-shaped buckle.

    Thanks :tup:
  2. Bumping this, because I need a belt!!!!
    Any styles considered, any colours, would love pics, especially in action wearing with jeans!!!
    Oh, and I think I am quite "chubby", my jeans etc are all UK 12, (US 14 yikes!!!!!) do H belts go up to that size????
    Or is it a US10, cant remember it it goes up or down a size!!!
  3. UK 12 is a US 8, Raz ;)
  4. No way Loony!!
    Got to book my tickets to USA now, :P
    Kidding aside, I keep looking on the website, but I dont know what size to order, it says just measure the length of where you want to wear it , and thats your size.
    Well , before I found this forum , I got an H belt from eBay!! It says 100 on it, but it is way too small!!! I got my money back from the seller because even then I knew it was a fake, awful stitching etc.
    But, do real 100 (stating size 100) measure 100 from end to end, or are they longer??? to account for the 100 measurement??
  5. I got the BJ/black belt that H calls the 95 and can wear it on the middle or last hole depending on the pants. Right now, the waist on a pair of cargo pants measures about 37 inches (just above my hips) and the belt fits very comfortably.

    It's this belt with this buckle because I also didn't want the H buckle at this point:

  6. Thats the exact one I want Mediana. Off to measure myself again.
    So does the 95 refer to the total length off the belt, or to say the middle hole in the belt??
  7. I think they have a sizing chart on the website. I think a uk10 is an 80 or 85. Will check and report back!
  8. Am back! Have checked! They have changed the sizing guide since my last visit to it. Here's what you do;
    -Measure the length in a belt you already have, noting the length from the buckle to the hole you use most
    -Record the dreaded number in cm eg, 95 cm
    -This is then the size of belt you need, eg 95!
  9. pooky, yes , they have changed the website sizing guide havent they.
    so does your 95 belt measure 95 to ,say, the middle hole?? or is 95 the length of the belt from end to end???