show me your bellas!

  1. okay, i know there's a ton of these "show me" threads already, but i can't get enough of them! i've recently become obsessed with wanting a bella, particularly l'amore and inferno (as in my sig) ... but i'd love to see ANY bella print. :heart:
  2. ohhh where's jessaka... she's got alot of em.... :yes: i have one! gotta dig it up..
  3. i've searched the forum a bunch of times earlier, but just a while ago i sat down and did a really thorough search and came up with no bella-specific photo posts! :shrugs:

    but yay... can't wait to see all the lovely bellas, haha. :love:
  4. my paradiso bella
  5. ironically, just the other day i was staring at the paradiso print and noticed the cute blue-eyed boy building the snowman, and you've got him dead center! well done, i love it! not to mention the front has the characters' faces, too ... sometimes the bellas will cut them off unappealingly.
  6. citta rosa bella. i'm not to crazy about the print placment, but i got an awesome deal!
  7. I have two, OP and Inferno...
    IMG_3327.JPG IMG_3328.JPG IMG_3331.JPG IMG_3332.JPG
  8. rileygirl-omg, i love your inferno bella! ipod girl rocks!
  9. ^^Thanks, she's a very lucky Waikele outlet find!
  10. Here's my only Bella.. After seeing everyone's, I wish I had more!
    Great Bella's ladies! =)

  11. [​IMG]
  12. my l'amore bella

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and girls, dont forget to watermark ur photos ;)
  13. Thanks! I was thinking about selling it, but after reading you post and actually looking at it, I decided to keep it. I was going to sell it to make funds for a bv (i don't own a bv, YET), but I think I'll get a Vacanze BV instead.

    Thanks for making me fall in:heart: with my Bella...again!:tup:
  14. yay! i'm glad to hear it! :lol:

    paradiso is actually one of my least favorite prints, i think it's terribly cute BUT i don't like it as much... however, your bella really has magical placement! i swear it looks like they "chose" the print arrangement at the factory, but of course that's probably unlikely. still... it's definitely cute, and you should hold onto it. i also love the pink girl on the front with the flower in her hair. :girlsigh:

    oh, and rileygirl, awesome print placement with yours too! on the inferno, i particularly love the adios chewing gum (is that what he's doing?) with the skeleton shirt next to the missiles~ haha. i'm not too fond of the oven, but ipod girl is cute as always. :tup:

    leen619, i adore your foresta bella!! wow, i never noticed the blue adios shadow before now. i adore foresta's blend of colors -- greens, oranges, blues, browns, reds... the cupid is adorable, and so is sandy, obviously!

    mellietastic, beautiful placement with the pirata! omg, i always ignore the piratas sold on eBay because i'm never satisfied with their prints, but this one's perfect -- the scene's all laid out with the sea, no one's heads are cut off (haha) and... i absolutely LOVE the kitty+whale+volcano, etc. hee! and the sharks! :love:

    azumie, eeee! so cute! the front's also incredible, because as i said earlier, the zippers tend to block the characters, but you can totally make out lots of them and on the back, there's sandy and her boyfriend... er, what's his name again...? (does he have one?)
    i actually don't like the kois at all :p, but, otherwise it looks pretty wonderful to me!!

    thank you to all for sharing so far!:yahoo:
    and azumie's right, you should all watermark your photos... i can't believe people steal photos, it's ridiculous.
  15. [​IMG]

    This is the ony picture I have... but I have more bellas~~ This foresta has my dream placement :drool: I just *had* to get it!!