Show Me Your Bbags - With your Favorite Shoes!!!

  1. Alrighty ladies & gents, I thought I'd start a fun thread in which we can show our favorite bbag & shoe combo. Hmwe chica, I know you are ready for this one! :graucho: So show my your funnest, nicest, sexiest, quirkiest bbag and shoe combo! Here's mine!
  2. Don't know what they are, but that pair in the 2nd pic ios GORGEOUS!
  3. Ooh, I love those first's like someone sexed up a penny loafer...TDF!
  4. mama, the second pair are Steve Maddens. I got them on sale!
  5. I can't see across to the 2nd picture. Its cut in half. Why does this happen when some pple post? Its like I can't scroll across to the far right....:crybaby:
  6. ^karenab, maybe it's cus you need to change your skin preference? It's on the main page on the bottom right?
  7. awwww lordguinny(CUTE/FUN luv the second pair!).... what a fun thread...

    it's BAD ENOUGH that you all tempt me with your GORGEOUS b-bags and accessories... NOW I'm going to add SHOES to the mix
    (and I LOVE :heart: shoes)!?:pArghhh/// I'm in SOoo much trouble!!
  8. Here is favorite combo :p

  9. BTW Lordguinny, I love the Rouge/Gucci shoe combo :drool:
  10. karenab, can you see these?
  11. polos - LOVE LOVE your snakeskin heels with your Aquamarine!!!
  12. Thank you!
  13. Oooh, fun thread!!!

    lordguinny, LOVE the first combo!

    polos, those are a perfect match:heart:

    I better take some pics of my beloved shoes...Manolos, Choos, Louboutins....I'm a shoe addict:p

    Will post some later:cutesy:
  14. :nuts: more soon, please!!!:nuts:
  15. Fun pics!! That black City!!!!!!!!!!

    Karen, the board does that to me at home! Do you have a smallish monitor? It seems like the formatting on several boards these days is different and a lot of stuff gets cut off. Also, are you on Firefox or IE? I'm thinking maybe it's Firefox?