Show me your aged D&B leather purses!


Dec 11, 2016
Hi Ladies,

I'm just wondering how your various D&B leather purses have aged. I recently ordered a Florentine Elisa in teal and I'm wondering if the leather will show scratches easily, therefore looking worn or if it'll develop a nice patina over time. I'm someone who wears the same bag religiously day in and day out and though I'm not hard on my bags, I also don't baby them--with the exception of never placing them on a dirty floor!

Please feel free to share pics of your used (and well loved) leather Dooney and Bourke bags!

It's been years since I've carried a leather handbag...recently graduated from college and thought since I have a regular full time job it was time to have an "adult" handbag again. :amuse:
Aug 13, 2014
Different Dooney leathers age differently. I think the smooth leather on the Elisa will show scratches, but I don't
have it so we will have to wait for input from those who do. I will add that if the smooth leather is a dark color you
can often 'hide' scratches with a matching thin Sharpie pen.