Show Me You Modeling Your Purses!!!!

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  1. I thought this would be a great idea! Since there have been so many threads asking for pictures of someone wearing one bag or another what about one big thread showing them? I would say put a header like,

    COACH LARGE BLACK CARLY and then your picture!

    I'll try to keep the pictures updated in this first post that way when someone wants to see a pic it will be all in one post.
  2. :yes:

    Also, include your height! :idea:
  3. Sounds good!
    Here is my Large Carly in black signature and my Medium choco. cotton carly and my khaki and white large slim duffel.
    Im 5ft. 2in.

    I have lots more bags I'll take pics with later:smile:
    Ebay Pics 293.jpg Ebay Pics 275.jpg Ebay Pics 270.jpg Ebay Pics 271.jpg
  4. this is a great idea we should get this stickied


    Please join in the fun here !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.