Show me yer tags!

  1. :graucho: I'd love to see your heatstamped luggage tag, as I'm ordering a large luggage tag for a friend and will get it heatstamped with her 3 letter nickname as a surprise. Because I live a bazillion kilometres from the store I can't go in and actually see examples and choose what I want, so I really need to see how others have had their tags stamped so that I can order what I want done and it can be ready to surprise her with when we visit the store.

    If you could post a pic of the heatstamping on your large luggage tag and tell me please if you had large/medium/small letters it would really help me make a decision. I'm deciding between having 3 large vertical letters or having horizontal letters in a smaller size. Because it's a short version of her name rather than initials I'm thinking perhaps the horizontal letters would look better, but I need to work out what letter size would look best for 3 letters across the tag.

    Any photos or info/opinions would be muchly appreciated! I really want to make this a lovely surprise for her, and of course want the heatstamping to look as awesome as possible! :flowers:
  2. Shoot, forgot all about that goldfield! :push:

    Thanks, John. I've been through the pics and have decided on one large initial on the front side, and her 3-letter name horizontally across the back with no full stops. Would a medium size fit across the back nicely do you think? Small might be too small but I don't want them looking cramped, either. :shrug:
  3. Eep now I'm thinking I should get her the small sized tag, the large is pretty big!
  4. this is my small tag on my speedy 30- just for some size reference to help you make up your mind!
  5. ah, i just realized this is an old thread that someone dug up, but here's my large luggage tag with 3 small letters.
  6. How much are the luggage tags? I would love to buy a few for gifts. They look great heat stamped?