Show me where your bags sleep...

  1. Come on, show me where your beautiful bags are stored when you are not wearing them, we all want to see!

    Remember a picture is worth a thousand words.

    Here are all of my bags in their sleepers on the pegboard hooks my hubby installed for me.
    closeup-pegs-2.JPG handbags-on-peghooks.JPG
  2. You asked for it! I guess I need to do better.
    sleeping bags.jpg
  3. I thought about starting a thread to ask about where or how everyone stores their bags. I have approximately **steps away from computer and goes to count bags and returns about three minutes later** ninety-eight purses, and I'm running out of ideas. I pretty much just bring them home (or unbox them if they came to me in the mail) and sit them over in the corner with the rest of the bags. I literally have nothing to do with these things. So I'd LOVE to see how other people keep their bags in order!
  4. Goodness, if I had 98 bags I would redo an entire room to house them.

    And toni, you are doing just fine. They look like they are resting comfortably.