Home & Garden Show me what fantastic fun you're putting up for Halloween!!


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Feb 6, 2007
Halloween isn't big in Australia but I still love any excuse to put out some decorations and have a bit of a party!!

We don't have children so it's a very adult-take on the theme and we also have somewhat limited space being in a 2-bed apartment, but this is what I did on the weekend:

Halloween pumpkin and lollies 2014 TPF copy.jpeg

We're going to have some friends over on Friday night for a drink and then watch a scary movie :yes: :biggrin:

To be honest, there are so many lollies in those jars, I'll probably have my family come over on Saturday afternoon to help finish them off!! :P


Jul 31, 2008
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Sounds like a fun Halloween! I love your lit Jack o' lantern:smile:. And what a fun idea with the suckers....I hardly ever have then now that I'm older(yes, my dentist's warning are responsible) but I remember the joy of indulging in them. Makes me want to go buy some Jolly Ranchers today:P

We have kids and they are quite into decorating for Halloween. It extends into our front yard....and since they are 13 they now want creepy instead of cute. It can be a fine line with what they find funny. Our front yard become a cemetery with tombstones and a Dracula coffin they made. Dry ice gives everything a scary look. Even in the fountain(next year they are wanting to add a witch at the fountain).

Here is one photo of one of the tombstones... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1416148110.159289.jpg

The 'body parts' are compliments of a neighbor who happens to be a DR and plays in a local band here..my kids were so excited when they saw he was throwing them out and brought their rescued finds home. This was taken before the blow up guitar was added....notice he has two right feet:giggles:

Here are sticker decals that I added to a painting in my kitchen. DD loves owls.


They peel right off...but I promised DD they could remain until holiday decorations go up.


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Jul 29, 2008
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Wow cant believe there arnt more post, I love Halloween. This year is extra special as its my first Halloween since getting place upstate so I have an actual house and yard to decorate now.