show me ur spy!!

  1. ok spy gals..

    im really getting the (spy droolz:heart: ) but im not sure what coloure to many colours and they all look great..:love:

    so please...for u spy girls who own one..please show me a pic of ur spy..make it easier for me to choose:flowers:
  2. oh..:shame:
    i just saw that..
    but there is only 2 pf members who have there pics posted really:blink: ...
    the rest r only ..erm..talking!:biggrin:

    thanx Nefredity:flowers:
  3. I hope you have better luck than I did. I asked for pics of members with their spys a while back and only received a few responses.

    Pinkpetunia has a picture of herself with her honey spy which was what pushed me to but it.

    Its under the thread "which spy honey,silver gold or white"
  4. :lol: that makes me one of them :lol: i'm guilty :roflmfao:
    Nefredity, I'll post pics as soon as I get a chance :P
  5. Here is my Honey Wisteria SPY!!!:love: HTH!:biggrin:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. :heart: OMG!! That is one beautiful Spy!! :heart: The colour is so lovely, plus you wear it so well! Thanks for posting your pics!
  7. Iluvbags
    yah i saw ur which one did go for?:yes:

    and post ur pics here as well, it doesnt take alot of time ..really:biggrin:

    Pursey Purse
    ahhh... i love this bag..UARyah has one aloso and its dreammmmmmmmmmmmmmy:heart: :heart:
    but too expensive for me:blink:

    cant see ur pics:sad:

  8. where is ur spppppppppppppy piccccccccccccccccccccccccccs

    :shocked: <--------- this is me shouting
  9. Here are they are:
    SPY.JPG me&spy.JPG

  10. I ended up buying the honey spy AND the silver/gold spy.

    I posted a pic of the honey spy in a thread and I'm still waiting on the silver/gold spy to arrive. Its been almost a week now. If it does not come tomorrow I'm going to get nervous. :oh:

    I will post a pic of it when it arrives ;)
  11. LV_addict
    u look great...and the bag is totally (wwwwowwwwww):heart:
    thanx for posting..

    Iluvbags ur giving me bad im torn between both:biggrin: :biggrin:
    (mum is gonna give me up for adoption if i did):huh:
    dont u think its too much?to have both at once?or r they completely different?
    ur so couragouse:biggrin:

    love ur holigram:love:
    it really rocks:heart: :heart:

    do u carry it to work or is it too much for the office scene?
  12. love all these pics:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    keep em coming spy girls:love:

    love u alllllllllllllllllllllllll:flowers: