show me the most amazing pair of shoes

  1. Hi ladies!

    So I have prom coming up. This year, I want to wear a very simple short dress with the most amazing pair of heels ever. I was planning on wearing a white dress so that I could get colorful heels.. lace up, pumps, ankle boots.. anything

    So show me crazy shoes, any brand any price!
    Thank you
  2. Please don't wear ankle boots to your prom! You'll look back some day and be like "What was I thinking???" Trust me, I'm old so I know these things :shame:

    Anyway, here's some that I found (all from NM). Btw do you have pics of your dress? That would help!

    Miu Miu:
  3. i love those....:love:
  4. i love the YSLs!!!
  5. LOVE the Miu Miu and the Loubs, claire!
  6. Can you show us your dress? I think your safest bet is to get a pair of Manolos because Louboutins have a smaller selection of prom appropriate shoes. Manolos are usually dressier, although I love Louboutins and would love to recommend some to you. :yes:
  7. How about these?
    Your feet will sparkle all night long!
  8. try browsing though some CL shoes
  9. These are my faves - they're all on NAP.

    CL Bling Bling platforms

    Fendi Bubble Platforms

    CL Very Prive pumps- they are covered in fucshia sequins

    Chloe Horseshoe Slingbacks
  10. What does your dress look like?
  11. Make sure you try on what ever you end up buying, because you gotta dance at your prom. GL! These ladies are making great recommendations. I'd like to add that most photos will be waist up so perhaps some great jewelry to go with awesome shoes??
  12. [​IMG]
    Louboutin Anemone $925
  13. YES ! I was just going to post these.

    I think they are even more stunning in the blue.. it really makes you think of the jellyfish !


    (from eBay)
    loub blue anemone.JPG
  14. I was going to post the anenomes too. I LOVE those but can't justify spending the $$$ on a shoe I might never wear.