Show me the Gold.... Cognac or Noisette.. accepted!

  1. Hi all,
    Anyone with Gold, Cognac or Noisette to show?

    Right now, I am in love with Gold color on Swift, Noisette on VL, Cognac on Epsom..

    I am don't know what is the closest in that BROWN Tone in Togo or even Clemence...

    Please enable me :graucho: with a Golden Cognac-ish or noisette-y brown. :flowers:

    Gold in Swift - Luxwear// Cognac in Epsom - eBay//Noisette in VL - eBay
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. IS Cognac always lighter than gold and noisette (hazelnut) always darker?
    and is it dependent on leather such as swift and togo and epsom....
    anyone have pics of some epsom for me?:graucho:
  3. Elizabeth: the center picture is Cognac in Epsom :love:
  4. The pics are deceptive, I'm afraid. Gold is generally lighter than either cognac or noisette.
  5. Yes, Gold in general is lighter than all three colors - using same leather as base.
    I think it's Gold, Cognac and then Noisette - same leather as base.

    I love the color gold on swift and which color would it be closest in Togo? :flowers:
  6. I love gold:drool:
  7. [​IMG]


    Here's my VL noisette Bolide in natural light outide (not direct sunshine) and bathed in sunshine indoors (taken without flash)

    It's my favourite colour, after gold:

    Here's my gold Picotin in clemence and Kelly in VL:

    (sorry to repeat post these pics, have just posted the same ones in another thread)



    You can tell I love my warm neutrals, LOL

    I think I will be on the hunt for something in cognac, next...although I am hoping for a togo Birkin in gold first.
    bolide1.jpg bolide3.jpg picotin.jpg vlgoldkelly.jpg
  8. [​IMG]
    AAB: This is the Color I am lemming for!! VL ... hmmz.. I want a hardworking leather Do you think this leather is able to take the work??
  9. Hi Princess,

    My Birkin (HAC, actually) is gold VL:

  10. latigresse: Thank you! Gold is so pretty too. :drool:
  11. Oh, I love Gold!! :drool:
  12. Latigresse can you give us a report on VL and what you honestly think of it. All the pros/cons...anything. Also, how long have you owned this bag etc. Thank you!
  13. This is Socal's 28cm Kelly in Noisette VL :drool:

  14. :yes: I ditto all Kellybag said.

    no one with togo to post ??
  15. Color Gold in boxcalf :drool:
    Credits: bluemanxantiques /eBay