Show me the Etoupe.........

  1. ......'cause I'm thinking this is the color for S'Mom.............:yes:

    Saw Etoupe today and bells went off, whistles blew and sirens were singing!!!! A friend of mine has a lovely Etoupe bag and I actually had the chance to tote it around for a few and live with it sitting across the table from me at lunch. I think this is it.......:heart:


    Now, I'm wondering about leather. I'd LOVE to see Etoupe in whatever leathers it comes in. And, let's just say it'll be a cold day in Hell when the store that has nothing gets anything in Etoupe so.....If anyone out there has an Etoupe bag, please, please, please can you post a pic???

    Honest......this is such a beautiful, soft, sophisticated color!!!! :shame:
  2. 35 etoupe clemence...
    Love it!
  3. Ah yes...Etoupe...I am debating myself..between this and Gris Tourterelle...

    Etoupe in Clemence (also offered in togo and chevre)


    Gris Tourterelle slightly "whiter" than Etoupe...(not sure of the leather...Togo I believe...

  4. Only etoupe I've seen in person was swift. Have to say, it was gorgeous. (Am presently trying to talk myself out of an etoupe bolide.) Keep repeating...I don't need it....I don't need it...
  5. D, you have to get a bag in this color! I've seen it in both clemence & swift (but am partial to the former for obvious reasons.) I'd post a pic of my trim but I'm nowhere near home. Burnin the midnight oil this evening.

    Good luck in your search. You will not regret it!
  6. d, i actually saw an etoupe bolide at the alaska store once upon a time, believe it or not! it was small, whatever the next size down from a 31 is. but gorgeous!
  7. I really wanted an etoupe bag, but somehow I just don't feel the color works for me. I think it is for dark haired girls which leaves me out:smile: I held an Evelyne up to myself at the boutique just for the color, and bells and whistles did not go off:sad:
  8. I think (and I have discussed with several SA's) that etoupe is a long over due alternative to gold. I am dark haired/fair skinned and have never been able to go for the gold/tan/camel that is so classic. its too warm/yellow. Etoupe is the cool toned persons non-black neutral. I just purchased my second etoupe bag. I think it is the most versatile color Hermes now makes only competing with the gold. gold and etoupe can be worn all year. (not too light like white, vache , gris tourterelle....) as per the above comments by grace kellyI think etoupe could look like mud on a warm blonde
  9. Etoupe Clemence Bolide 31
  10. Exactly! I looked so blah it was pretty sad:crybaby: I think you are correct about gold as well. Especially since I just purchased my second gold bag;) Funny how both my golds have palladium, so the hardware part isn't an issue.
  12. I agree S´mom, stunning colour! I love Etoupe in Clemence!
  13. Here's Etoupe in Clemence:
  14. The bag I saw and fell immediately in love with today was in Swift. Is it darker in Clemence? Does it come in Box calf? I LOVED it in Swift but I'm just so curious about the other leathers....
  15. LOL!!!!! JASPERELLA....we posted at the same time!!!! Just asking about Clemence and then I realized that all these lovely photos are of Clemence!!

    Any in Swift? I know I just saw one today but I'm hoping for a side by side comparison.......