Show me the enamel!!

  1. I've been thinking lately that I need an enamel bracelet from H! I like the thinner one to wear with my existing bangles. I would love to see your I can narrow down better what I'm looking for...I do prefer PH but I love looking at all of the designs.:love::okay:
  2. I also like them sooooooo much
    but at the moment only have the Chaine d'ancre, so migh treat myself to one this week after going to the London sale

  3. ^^^This is the one I would love next, the chaine d'ancre.

    I love the enamels and the kelly double tours.

    enamels 2.JPG
  4. Katel,

    As soon as I saw this thread I was hoping that you would repost this BEAUTIFUL picture. This is one of my all-time favourite pictures in life. You are the Bangle Queen... I bow to you....
  5. WOWSA!!!!! Katel!!!!!Simply gorgeous!!!!! I lost count at 25!!!!!! Unbelievable collection! They are all so beautiful! Is that one of dolphins? I a single (now very lonely) (1) myself.:yes:
  6. Isn't Katel's Collection Absolutely Amazing?????:yes::heart::heart::heart:
  7. Clinkenwar-are you kidding? Of course you need a bangle!!!!!!!!! eBay has been great for my collection-I just (finally) bought Grands Fonds. They are amazingly wearable and light. There are enough themes (animals, birds, Hermes traditions) or, you could just choose by color. I find I get the most wear out of blues and browns. Good Luck!!!!!!

    By the way, I am so jealous of that bangle photo that I cannot comment.:smile:
  8. Katel, I love the photo of your collection! What a great way to showcase it!
  9. Katel that picture is amazing! I wish I could wear the enamel bangles, I find them too large for my wrists. Love my red clic-clac, though. Does H still make the patterned clic-clac bracelets? I've seen these on eBay, are they still in stores, does anyone know?
  10. Love that picture, wow!

    I'm still looking for that perfect first enamel :angel: Grands Fonds sounds amazing!
  11. Fantastic photo!!
    I have amassed quite a few clic-clacs, but no bangles (scrawny wrists).
  12. Katel, though I've seen this pic before but it just stuns me every single time! Please post this in the Hermes as Art thread (or can I do so?). So beautiful. Too good to hide.
  13. I have one and I find it loose on my wrist. Will post the pic later from home after work.
  14. elle tee... i have the same problem! but luckilywhen I was at the hermes store last week the SA showed me a new enamel bracelet they make that has a clasp so it fits smaller wrists. It was much nicer than the clic clac patterned one because the clasp is more discrete so more of the enamel pattern shows!
  15. Katel, you have amazing H pieces!!
    Gorgeous. :smile: