Show me the Chevre!!!!!!

  1. I have become obsessed with Chevre. I used to think that the Coromandel with the spine detailing visible on the bag was awful, now I crave that lovely line and look for it whenever I see anything resembling Chevre. I would like to know who here has a Chevre bag and how has it held up?

    Also I am wanting a black Chevre bag and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see photos of any black Chevre you all may have. I am going to try to find a 32 Kelly in retourne Chevre Coromandel, anyone have one that can post a pic?

    Please share what you like OR dislike about this leather....

    Does it handle water well??
  2. Gazoo....I have the exact bag you are describing: Black 32cm Chevre Retourne with gold hardware. I love the bag! It is a bit less structured than the Sellier, but I like that. The glossy sheen of the bag and the spine detailing are to die for! I've had the bag since March and have only the slightest of scuffing on one corner (I am not at all careful with my bags, and I've found you can rub out any surface "abrasions" with the finger), and the bag resists water well (but I am still careful to keep her dry and/or wipe her off if wet). The best part is how lightweight the chevre is.

    Here is a pic:
  3. Got one. 28cm Caramel Chevre de Coromandel and I adore it!!!! Lightweight and handles most weather very well......keep in mind though that I don't take my bags out when I know it'll rain unless it's Togo.

    Shoes, Fopduck and Wingnut have gorgeous Black Chevre Kelly's!!!! :heart:
  4. Oh no! Chevre Lust!!! The bag I really want right now is a 28cm black Kelly sellier in chevre. I think this is going to be as hard to get as my 30cm gold togo Birkin! Gazoo, there is something about this leather that has you thinking of nothing else. I have brown Kelly sellier, Drag bag and a Bolide in chevre and I love them! The only thing that makes me think of other leathers is when I don't like how the Chevre takes a particular color. Case in point is the color gold. I just don't care for it in Chevre and much prefer the color in togo. Anyway...welcome to the club!
  5. I am sorry shopmom. I want to lick your bag. It looks sooooo yummmy. The color is so gorgeous
  6. Silly newbie question:
    Do ALL Chevre bags have the spine detailing? I thought there were 2 different: Chevre and Chevre de Coromandels??
    I was told mine are "chevre", but you can definitely see a faint line down the middle of both.:shrugs: You can't really tell in my avatar <<< but it's definitely there.
    Thanks in advance! :shame:
  7. I do have one - just received it actually (slightly pre-loved) and adore it! I've had chevre before and love it for the light weight, sheen, and durability. I posted a pic in the hermes in action thread this morning with mine - Good luck! Oh and mine came from e-bay....a great seller!
  8. I dream of Chevre. My dream Kelly is the same one you want - black or maybe marron fonce with gold or ph, retourne 32cm. I'd also love a chevre BOlide and maybe a Birkin 25 0r 30 down the line. :smile:

    The two Chevres used right now are Chevre de coromandel - thicker with more pronounced spine, more of a sheen

    Chevre Mysore - not as thick, spine not as pronounced and more matte

    The lining of Birkin and Kelly bags is called Chevre Morrocain (I know I butchered the spelling)

    There is also Chevre Jhansi, which is closer to Mysore and is not currently being produced
  9. ^ There is also Coromandel Souple, which IS Chevre de coromandel but with a more supple "hand" and feel.
  10. Ahhh, thank you Greentea! I guess mine is Chevre Mysore. It def. has a sheen, but the spine isn't really pronounced a lot. It just looks like "longer grains" going down the middle.
    OH, and to keep on track, My Chevre has done very well through rain and sprinkles we've had around here lately. I just wipe it off with my sleeve when i get inside. No biggie at all. Chevre is wonderful. imo.
  11. The size of the grain on and around the spine of Chevre de Coromandel differ from bag to bag. Jennifleur, yours is most likely Chevre de Coromandel.

    The goatskin lining used in most Birkins, Kellys, Plumes, etc. is Chevre Marocain (Morrocan goatskin).
  12. I have two chevre bags and they are absolutely divine!!!

    - 32cm sellier Kelly, chevre de coromandel, fuchsia

    - 25cm retourne Kelly, chevre mysore, prune
  13. I Wonder what mine is.I can see a slight spine and the leather feels soft.It is really easy to open and close the straps.and It does have a faint sheen to it .
  14. I love that prune!!Sooo pretty!!
  15. Yours look like chevre de coromandel since the spine is more defined than my chevre mysore prune Kelly. My fuchsia Kelly is more like yours.