show me the bag pls (with modeling)^^

Nov 14, 2006
Hello BBag lovers
I had tried to search the topic of BBag X2 Boston bag, but I didn't find anything about it. I am so in love with that bag (every color looks good) and I really want to see someone who has the bag and modeling pics for the bag.
Do you like this bag too? How much does it cost? In the pic it looks big, isn't it? If you have the small Boston with a tiny whistle, I would like to see the bag on you too. Thanks a lot!!!



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Ah...yes....I like that website; they have great photos! Well, I recommend trying a search on "hook" on the Balenciaga forum and seeing what you come up with ... because that's the general name for this style (although this specific size of it might be called the "X2 Boston").