Show me some skin: Let's see your exotics!

  1. I love love love exotics! Alligator, crocodile, python, even salmon. Show off those beauties here.

    I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours.

    A general thread to share a love of exotics.

    Gucci python


    Vintage alligator

    Your turn!

  2. Resurrecting this thread with a new python clutch from Ferragamo.



    Without flash:
  3. i have two:

    a marc jacobs python lux st. marks hobo


    and an ostrich stam

  4. ooh i LOVE your ostrich stam, tadpolenyc
  5. Ok, I'm a total dork but...are the treated, or do they FEEL like snakeskin? Ya know....kind of slimy?
  6. Actually snakes don't feel slimy in real life. Some bags have the scales intact, and you can feel the slight roughness of the edges, particularly on snakes with bigger scales like a python.

    My Ferragamo python bag has had the edges sanded off so it's smooth, and there is a light coating over the snakeskin for protection. It feels soft, smooshy, and silky.
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    Python "Eden" clutch by Jalda, with Italian dark brown leather. Love it. ;)

    DoreenJ, your clutch is TDF.
    Python1TPF.JPG Python back1TPF.JPG
  8. Thanks jellyv, I love yours too. That envelope shape is classic.

  9. Love the snakeskin! Here's my little vintage clutch:

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous bags, everyone!

    I hope that lionlaw wanders into here, because then she might just post her Jane August bag. It haunts me (in a good way)!!!

    Oh well..I will just post it myself, with much thanks to lionlaw for allowing us to drool over her truly amazing bag...

    It's a python 57th Street by Jane August:

  11. I have this vintage Pierre Cardin, but I dont know what skin it is. Anyone have a suggestion? Someone said maybe lizzard?
    Billede120.jpg Billede123.jpg Billede124.jpg Billede125.jpg Billede121.jpg
  12. ^ I can't see all the detail, but I think that is stamped because the pattern repeats. Also the pattern alternates between smaller scales and larger scales without a seam in between. I don't think that could happen so many times on a natural skin. Usually the belly and the top of the animal have larger scales with the sides having smaller scales, and the top would be noticeably different from the belly.
  13. What does stamped mean?
  14. Embossed leather, not reptile.
  15. wow you all have great exotics they are all beautiful, i have a vintage snake skin clutch that was my grandma's i will go take a pic