Show Me Purple!

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  1. ok so i want to see some cute purple leather.

    NOT that purple that looks brown or whatever either. i wanna see it. PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE!

    i decided that purple was my fave color a while ago, but i never knew how i could show ppl that becaue i am NOT barney and WONT be wearing purple anytime soon. i'm a fat kid, i just roll like that sry lol... ANYWHO.

    i decided that PURPLE is for LEATHER.

    i've caught wind that Balenciaga has delicious purples but i'm so broke it sucks, i'd never be able to just go out and BUY one of those (and where do you find those bags anyway! they're elusive)

    either way i'd love to see them all. purple purple.

    just point me in the direction of designers that frequent the goofy colors like that, LEATHER only pls! pictures of any and every purple bag would be fabuloso.

    love you all. ty in advance.
  2. i've got a little "vintage" purple suede kooba francesca. does suede count?
  3. yes suede counts! my my i figured if i did this thread last night SOMEONE would have posted pix by now. no one knows of some rich delicious purple leather??? eek!

    balenciaga? where are you?
  4. I don't have any Balenciage but I like the purple vernis by LV. It's discontinued but you can look it up on eBay. I don't have any =( but I would like a piece! It's VERY PURPLE!
  5. I have an older, purple suede Juicy Couture Hobo. I like it since it's unusual. I'll try to have a photo taken and download it.:smile:
  6. thanks so much! apparently purples a tough one to come by. i'm still searching all over.... not found anything yet!
  7. My one and only purple bag and I love it! Jimmy Choo Rianne.Good luck on your purple bag search.If I come across a current bag I will post.

    Jimmy Choo Rianne.jpg

  8. oh honey that's DELICIOUS! thank you so much for sharing that. i was wondering, with the electric blue that Jimmy Choo made if they had a nice purple. thats to die for, lucky gal! thanks again for showing me, thats lovely!
  9. Katrin Leiber has a few purple bags...


    Of course there is the YSL Downtown in violet, as seen here on Naomi Watts.


    And here is my purple bag, a mini Anna Corinna City Tote.

  10. Beautiful purple color!


  11. man i didn't really like that color until i saw it on ya, i'm not too partial to that shape but in mini it's kinda precious;) :yes: