Show me photos of your baby nursery ladies!!!

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  1. So I have seen some friends who go all out on nurseries. But what is the norm? Do most mums and dads spend tons of money on the nursery? If you have any pics of your kiddos nurseries please post!
  2. :shame: we do, I can justify spending $ on anything! LOL!
    I don't know if I have any pics on my PC, but all my kids furniture is from a local store here, but they sell to, check out
    also has great stuff for mroe reasonable.
  3. Oh I'm obsessed with poshtots at the moment!
    Accordion Dresser - Dressers - Children's Furniture - Furniture - PoshTots
    They have a bookcase and cabinet and stuff that goes with it and I just think it's so cute!

    I know what you mean about spending a ton of $$ on it. I'm trying to see what else is out there before making the commitment. We're doing a Dr. Seuss theme so I think that silly misshaped stuff would just be perfect so I don't know if I'll come across anything less expensive that would fit so well!
  4. oh wow, that's unique!

    Although we dropped a load on our kids' furniture, I bought stuff they could keep forever. . . except the cribs of course!
  5. Wow I love some of the stuff on poshtots!!!!!!!! :drool:

    I will def probably spend a ton on my kids nursery's when that time comes :amuse:
  6. I did not go all out as at the time money was tight w/ my first child. I moved my older son upstairs and purchased all new "stuff" for him. The bedding is older age based from pottery barn.

    This baby room was my first son's and now will be my second son's.:graucho:..less for me to do.

    What I did do was paint a single bed/dresser white. Painted the walls baby blue with a 1.5 foot navy blue stripe around the room about 3/4 way up.

    The baby bedding was purchased (white) so that I could use it again. From JC Penny. White eyelet.

    We bought lockers from my DH's school and painted them navy.

    The single bed was outfitted with a TARGET bedding set that is/was a quilt with baby blue/navy/red. This was chosen to allow the baby to grow into it.

    The room is a little sports themed.

    I purchased a red throw rug for the center of the room.

    I don't use a changing table and my 1st son climbed out of the crib at age 1. So~ he was in a single bed at 1. We didn't get much use out of the crib. Luckily it was handed down from my parents.

    In reality~ we only purchased bedding and paint. The single bed and dresser were handed down as well.

    I am big on refurbishing and reinventing ...saves me $$ for things like ummmmmm..... LV:nuts: j/k everyone saves some $ in different places.

    I did it this way to not have to redecorate as he gets older. This is just a personal preference.

    Nothing great but comfy...
    Enjoy your baby room planning!

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  7. I did with our middle child, but with this last one, I have a white crib that was a gift for the birth of our middle child , this bedding set:[​IMG] and we are getting a playpen/changing table, stroller/carseat, and baby swing. I found so many of the other things I did not need. I have a hospital grade breast pump and all in one cloth diapers. I am sure I will need other little things, but so many things I did not need and never used, like the basinette, a lot of the newborn things, e.g. clothing and diapers-both boys were over 8lbs at birth despite being 3 weeks early, and the newborn stuff didn't fit from the beginning,lol!
  8. For my first child, I did a 101 Dalmation (cartoon) nursery with primary colors. He was a boy so it looked cute.

    We changed it to dinosaurs when he was about three. We purchased good quality furniture that will last for years. So, really, the only thing we're changing is the bedding, window treatments and "art". It's slowly evolved, over the years, to it's current state...skateboarding and snowboarding. He's 11 now and I'm sure it will continue to evolve.

    For our daughter, I chose a "theme" that would last a long time. It was more of a girl's bedroom as opposed to a baby's nursery. We used my great aunt's furniture...gorgeous antiques and did plaid pastel (light pinks, blues and greens) bedding and window treatments. It's worked for her, with minor changes, since she was a baby. Now there are pictures on the wall of Hannah Montana, The Cheetah Girls and Jesse McCartney!
  9. Julia doesn't have a nursery, buuuuuuuuuut...We went out today and visited a few apartments that were recommended to us by some friends, and one was in a community where they are building american/canadian style homes and apartments. I fell in love with one of them (it seriously looks like a nice typical US apartment complex, I felt like I was back in the states!!) and started imagining how I would decorate :smile:

    Right now, Julia is still in a pack & play in our room, but even if she had her own room I don't htink I would ever go all out on the nursery - especially since it won't stay that way forever. I'd rather go with some nice colors on the walls that can transition with her
  10. 101 Dalmations sounds cute for a baby boy!

    I looked at Posh Tots last night and the stuff is SO cute but can get pricey. I loved all the bedding on there. Amazing, just amazing, what they have out for kids rooms nowadays!
  11. I love decorating in general. I sew so it really helps with the themes. I keep the walls a neutral color so it is easier to switch out when the mood strikes. Sometimes I find a fabric I really like or the kids like and just go with that theme.
  12. I love decorating, so I CAN'T WAIT!!!!:yahoo:Right now, I KNOW that I want the nursery to have pale yellow sparkly walls and the ceiling painted sky blue with the alphabets (in lieu of clouds) artistically painted in white.:idea:

    I don't know what kind of furniture I want in there. I'm a minimalist so we'll see...
  13. ghost- i love the room! very creative and great looking! our nursery is my fav. room in the house. i bought a vintage fabric (little babies sleeping in flowers) and bought fabric that coordinated with that. my mom made everything- bumper, curtains, crib skirt, etc. i bought a dutailier glider from craigs list and had it reupholsetered (sp?) to match the other pieces in the room. the crib is a white jenny lind. i couldn't find a rug that i liked... until i was looking at a rug in my room- it was a handmade rug my nana made... i put it in the room and it matches the fabrics *perfectly* to the point that it is just unreal. i will try and post pics soon- baby is sleeping now so she wouldn't appreciate flashes in her face.
  14. We (okay my inlaws) did spend quite a bit on our furniture, but they are pieces that we'll have for a lifetime. Our son is 2 and will probably be our only child. His crib is black wood and converts to a full size bed, so the sides become the head and footboards. I think the crib was around $600 - $700. We also got a matching changing table which is also a dresser (so it actually doesn't look like your typical changing table), I think that was around $500. We also bought a matching bookcase for his room...that wasn't quite as much. The theme of his nursery is from Wendy Bellissimo, it's the 'Honey Bee' which is adorable shades of black, yellow, green.

    I won't be able to get away with this theme forever though!!! In a few years he'll be wanting to change it to something else I'm sure!!!
  15. ^ i love the honeybee- we looked at this pattern! so cute!