show-and-tell -- let's see your vintage scarves!

  1. i'll start it off with 'l'ile de robinson crusoe in neuf tableaux'. i was amazingly lucky to win the auction for this rare scarf (apologies if any other scarfies were in on the bidding), and doubly-lucky in that it's in practically new condition.

  2. I don't own and know very little about scarves. :sad: I sure like that one DQ it is very calming to look at. Thanks for sharing:heart:
  3. DQ what age would qualify as "vintage"? Thanks!

    Oh and your l'ile de robinson crusoe in neuf tableaux is fabulous!! Congratulations!!
  4. Does my London-Paris qualify?
  5. oh, anything that's not particularly recent, really -- whatever anyone feels like sharing is OK by me!
  6. i can't remember when it's from, but it's definitely 80s. it's sextants, i got it on eBay about a month ago and it's in pretty much new condition as well. i hijacked my mother's one for a few years but since i managed to find this at a reasonable price she could have hers back :biggrin:

  7. sure! i'm happy to see whatever anyone offers up -- since we so often look at each others' new scarves, i thought it would be fun to have a place to share photos of some of the others. of course it could lead to lengthened grail lists, so proceed at your own risk, ladies!
  8. DQ, congrats on your Crusoe carre. Fun scarf!

    Anna, I always liked Sextants. It ties great. It doesnt get enough love, definitely.:tup:
  9. Here is my pride and joy :love::love: (I believe... 1967? but it could be a reissue, I really don't know) Paris-London

  10. Lovely scarves! Please keep them coming! My oldest scarf is from 2004 so I haven't got much to contribute here but I love seeing all of the many, many designs that Hermes has produced over the years!
  11. Does parure des sables count? What year was that anyway?

    Lovely scarves ladies!
  12. Rose, gorgeous! :tup:

    Okay, since the thread sez "vintage" scarves and since there is already a thread for rare scarves, I am showing my purple/chartruese Astrologie, the original issue from 1963.
  13. 1988 plus reissues.

    Let's see it. I am going to post a 1980s scarf too:smile:
  14. Seton, those colors are stunning!

    Annanas, I can see why you would borrow this scarf...and seek out one of your own!

    Rose, Paris-London....faboo!

    DQ, you always have the most wonderful things...and start wonderful threads, too!
  15. Original issue of fantaisies Indiennes from 1985 in red/black