Shout Out To Shopmom...she Hits 10,000 Posts!

  1. *snicker* Congrats, D! I say get working on the next 10,000. I say you should reach it by next month.
  2. I LOVE ME some Shopmom!!!!!!!!
  3. Smom...

    Congrats!!! Thanks for inspiring all of us ladies to enjoy a martini and spend like there's no tomorrow!!!:smile::tup::p
  4. one of my my fav pf friends!! Thanks for making it so fun around here!!
  5. Wow! Now that's some love!!!

    :heart: CONGRATS Shopmom!!!! :heart:

    Your posts have been such a great source of information, laughs, fun, and so much more!

    Here's to another 10,000!!!
  6. Congrats Shopmom!:heart::heart:

    Thanks for letting us share in your fun and watch your journey through the wonderful world of H. And it only got more interesting after Muffin got into the act.

    Can't wait to see what trouble that crazy kitty gets you into next.:upsidedown:
  7. 10,000 posts. My, my. Muffin should be due for a visit to the spa for a paw treatment.

    S'Mom - Thank you for the wit and wisdom and fantastic taste you bring to the forum each and every day. Here's to the next 10k. :heart: hNe
  8. Congrats shopmom,

    I have a blast reading your post and hearing about Muffin. I hope you have many martinis to celebrate this great acheivement.:drinkup:
  9. Congratulations!!!!

    I have learned soooo much from this forum and you have been a major source of all sorts of great information.

    Thanks so much!
  10. Congratulations S'mom!! You are a true addict!! [​IMG]
  11. Well done S'mom (even if you did have help from Muffin:biggrin:)
  12. Here's to 20,000 more!!!!! Love your posts, pics, and threads!!!!!
  13. Congrats!!

    I really enjoyed all your posts ... and muffin too!!!
  15. Congrats on a great milestone- you are truly loved on tPF!