Shout out to Selena's Pretzels!!!!

  1. So as many of you now know, Selena makes amazing chocolate covered pretzels for all occasions!! I saw her pics and I HAD to have some!! I thought what better time than for Thanksgiving, to share with my family (or not share :amuse:).

    I just had to show you all the pics- they are half eaten already!!!!! They are a huge hit at my house, and Vlad keeps sneaking them!!!!

    Thanks Selena!!! :tup:
    DSC_2665.jpg DSC_2663.jpg DSC_2660.jpg
  2. :drool::drool:OMG.. they look so yummy!!!
  3. Yummmy!!!:drool:
  4. Mmmmm, one of my favorite snacks.
  5. Ahhhh I am so glad you enjoyed them!! Love you guys!!
  6. oh my god. those looks sooooooo good!
  7. Omg they look scrumptious! They belong in Willy Wonka's factory!!! :drool:
  8. We have consumed half... already!!!!!! So delicious!!!!!!!
  9. LOL!! No you havent!!! have you???? Megs what is your favorite flavor? Mine is the vanilla toffee.....
  10. Wow, they're beautiful and look so yummy!
  11. They're so cute and colorful! I'd be afraid to eat them because I'd just want to display it. LOL.
  12. I can attest to that!!
    I was lucky enough to score a few myself and they're divine!
    Great job girlfriend!
  13. Thanks. My Mouth is now watering uncontrollably.
  14. ^ LOL me too!

    They look fantastic!!! :tup: