Shout out to MUFE concealer palette

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  1. I picked this up after watching a couple online tuts and I'm totally sold, ladies.

    This is the concealer palette #1:
    I'm traditional in that I like to dab concealer on under my eyes before foundation (Lancome Effacernes is my fave). Then, that's that.

    The cool thing about this palette is that you can dab on spot concealer coverage even after your makeup is done and it blends right in, flawlessly. I can dab on a little of the lighter shades if my dark circles or shadow fallout still need a little brightening, or use the green shade to spot cover some redness on my chin or around my nose. HTH, it blends in amazingly!!

    This palette comes in different color ranges...check it out at Sephora!! :tup:
  2. I just ordered this, along with some HD Foundation! Woo hoo!
  3. I have it, and I like it too :smile:
  4. I have #2 - it's' for "Asian" skin (according to the website). I LOVE it. It's a perfect concealer for my dark marks.

    I wouldn't mind getting my hands on #5 as well. It's all color correctors.
  5. I have seen the tut's on this too! It looks pretty amazing. I think I need it!
  6. ^^ I think you do too, hehehehe!! :biggrin:
    PG, The Enabler
  7. Where are the tutorials? You tube?
  8. Yes, shakti29, there are many on YouTube. Also, iirc, there is a GREAT detailed review on

    Oh I love mine as well!!!
  9. I saw makeupgeek's "daily face" tutorial and this palette was part of it-----amazing! I do have to get it.......
  10. I have been dreaming of this palette, but I don't want to buy it until I finish my LM secret concealer. Good to know its a definite buy though..
  11. I watched that tutorial by makeupgeek too! I can't wait to get my palette!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I love this palette! I purchased it after watching makeupgeek's tutorial and during the Sephora F & F. I got the concealer palette #1. I use the green for any red spots/breakouts and the color next to the green for under eyes. I have dry skin and this concealer doesn't accentuate the dry spots or feel cakey at all.
  13. Yup....that was my inspiration! She and I have very similar coloring and skin type...if she recommends a product like this it's pretty much a go with me. :tup:

    Not to get OT, but the NARS bronzer in Laguna is also spectacular as either a blush or a contour and not too dark for us fair skinned girls.