Shout out to mnpurselover and the kindness of Hermes addicts!

  1. Last week mnpurselover met me (a complete stranger!!) at a local store so that I could see, feel and try on her beautiful 35cm rouge vif chevre birkin.

    My husband was shocked that someone would be so willing to bring such an expensive bag to meet someone they met online.

    I know that my experience is a testament to the kindness that exists here! You're all wonderful!!
  2. Sounds fantastic!
  3. A rouge vif chevre!!! Oh, I wish that I could have seen that baby!
  4. We really need to get you a 'fix' soon!:heart:
  5. How fabulous!:smile:
  6. That is so sweet! We have the best members here!
  7. That was very nice of mnpurselover. We do have some very kind and thoughtful members on the Hermes subforum.
  8. how nice.....this is a wonderful place for friends:party: :dothewave: :drinkup:
  9. Did she have to pry you loose from that gorgeous Birkin, or did you play nicely?
  10. That was a really sweet thing to do. YAY for Hermes lovers!!!:yahoo:
  11. LOL! Yeah, this place is lovely with ladies with such generousity. :yes:
  12. I played nicely, but that bag has been haunting my dreams ever since.

    I have the OK (encouragement even) from dh to buy one, now it's getting the courage to spend that much. I likely will not be a multi-birkin owner--sort of a once in a lifetime for me, but I'm thankful to know that I can buy one when I'm ready!!
  13. What a sweet DH you have, ck21, to give you the go-ahead for a Birkin. Is there some special occasion coming up -- anniversary, birthday, lunar eclipse?
  14. That is so sweet! I can definitely say without a doubt the BEST people in the world are here!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. That's so sweet! I'm glad you got to see a birkin IRL...I think that is so important as you now have a visual of the size and that will aid in your decision making in the future!

    We truly have the best members here...makes me proud to say that I am a member of tPF!