Shout out from the Rooftops - The Conclusion


    So this is possibly my final new H purchase post as the cc is finally maxed. I present a "vintage" Y circle Black Ardenne Birkin 40 cm. Posted a pic of the 30 cm for the sake of comparison.

    Ahhhhhh, I think I'm done:yahoo:

    I may just have enough dinero left to make it to the NY dinner meet...if we have dinner at MickyD's followed by drinks at 7/11....:smile:
  2. How loverly! Congratulations!
  3. Nice!
  4. WowEE Olive! That is one gobsmacker of a bag! You must be Thrilled!!! Congratulations!!

    What color is your 30? It's also really really nice...:yes:
  5. Hi Katel, thanks and the other beauty is a 30cm Raisin Clemence Birkin that I actually found in the boutique after much persistence.
  6. Wow, congrats! Please model them for us!
  7. ^^^ Thank you! Gorgeous, both you and the Birkin. Is it heavy?

    Could BG be closed on a Sunday? Ah well, it will have to wait in that case. We had a great time!
  8. woo! Those 2 bags are fabuloso!!!!!
  9. Ok Rose, I was wrong, they're open 12-6 so you can still make that call tomorrow
  10. Ooooh, Olive, I love both of your Birkins! And you look so great carrying the 40. Congratulations!!!! :yahoo:
  11. Simply lovely! Congrats Olive!
  12. That 40cm looks fabulous on you! Congratulations!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  13. Congratulations!!! Just Gorgeous....
  14. I love your new 40 birkin I would love to know more about this leather.Is it shiny or matte?