Shout out from the rooftops Part Deux - H Sale Bounty

  1. For me, Christmas came in February, went to the H sale in NY of Tuesday and Wednesday and after much digging and begging of the french scarf lady, came home with the following (didn't have to beg for the shoes)

    Ponts du Paris in dark pink colorway (just bought same one for my mom retail!)
    Gloria Soli - Versace as channeled by Hermes
    Jardin d'Andalus (saw exact one on Madison but when I came back, it was sold:crybaby: )
    Lolita pointy suede flats in light purple, green, and rust

    Do have to say that customer service was much better than expected and on the second day, NO LINES! I guess that made up for the first day's almost two hour wait.

    Still feeling the H buzz.
  2. Wow, wow, wow!! What a great H haul. Congrats!!
  3. Nice haul, congrats!!! The scarf lady really was very helpful, dug through lots of bags for me.....
  4. Great loot!!! Gorgeous heels
  5. OOH GREAT STUFF! i found them to be amazing there. one of the SAs went through everything when i told her it was my first scarf and picked out the perfect one. she even found me later and showed me how to make the scarf into a purse. omg so cute!
  6. I decided to go this time w/o an agenda...nothing particular in mind, just browsing and was more then rewarded. Though I noticed that even in this new larger space, there wasn't a lot of oxygen to go around and almost fainted from the heat on the first day. Made it to the register, handed her my card, took a seat and told her to do the honors.
  7. LoVe the shoes. So elegant
  8. Wow, great stuff! You scored some lovely lovely things!
  9. Fabulous scarves & lovely shoes!!
  10. I am absolutely in love with that Gloria Soli scarf in that exact color combination!!! Gorgeous scarves!! Congratulations!! ^_^
  11. what a great haul, congrats!!!
  12. Fantastic stuff!

    I'm in love with the scarves. If that's the orange Jardins, I have that one, too. It looks just as beautiful tied!

  13. Great purchases! Congratulations! :drinkup:

    :party: :party:
  14. I'm dying to wear one of them today but unfortunately most of NY is so soaked today that I'm just waiting for Noah's Ark to drift by

    The Jardins colorway is like a salmon reddish pink, itching to just wear it around the house while cleaning
  15. :drool: :drool: :drool: