Shout out from the Rooftops - Landed a 30cm GH Raisin Clemence Birkin!!!

  1. After stalking the Madison Ave Hermes and after numerous "oh no, not her again" looks from the staff, I finally hit paydirt. Lo and behold, a 30cm Birkin in Raisin Clemence appeared on the floor on Monday (not there Friday afternoon) and I took it home with me. My first and hopefully not last Hermes fine leather accessory. When I asked if I should wait for a Black Birkin, SA sadly shook his head and asserted, "no chance...grab it while you can". Thank you all for the treasure trove of information and affirmation that helped me bring this baby home...

    I set out hunting a 35CM Black Togo Birkin and instead caught a 30cm Raisin Clemence...couldn't be any happier though

    Let me know what you all think of Raisin Clemence with GH?

    BTW for reference, price was $6850 plus tax (pre increase I was told)
    Hermes Birkin.jpg
  2. Beautiful!!!!

    YAY YOU!
  3. Yay - congrats on your Birkin!
  4. Raisin is a fabulous color!

  5. Yippee!:yahoo: :tender:
    Beautiful color!

    Be sure to do some modeling in the Hermes in Action thread for all of us!
  6. WOOT WOOT!!! Congrats on a beautiful birkin! Pls. post more pics so we can drool
  7. Whoop!! Congratulations! Your bag is so lovely -- I love that Raisin.

    I think the SA was right -- we have to snap these Birkins up as fast as we can. LOL!!
  8. Thanks All...I only hesitated for a moment but just imagined some other Birkin starved woman waltz in right after me and claim this baby,I couldn't, I just couldn't let that happen...Would never forgive myself. One must never question the (availability of) Birkin Gods. Will post more action shots when I can decipher the perfect combo of pixels to image quality

    Plus I thought to myself, "Self, your first Birkin must come from the official source"
  9. I know you did amazingly well!!! Now you can just relax and look for a black birkin with no stress if you still wish for one!!!! Raisin is gorgeous!
  10. :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party:
  11. You will not regret it!!! CONGRATS! Raisen is a FAB alternative to black:smile:
  12. Can we get more pics please??? A bit pressure, but please!
  13. Beautiful, congrats!!
  14. that's awesome... i love raisin!! i have a bolide with the GH and the gold just totally warms up the color! CONGRATS, I'm so glad you got it... otherwise i would have been the next starved woman to get it!
  15. Raisin is such a great color, congrats, it's just perfect!!