1. Bless her little heart, MaggieD knew I was looking for the Salzburg scarf and sent me a link on eBay for an authentic Salzburg from an awesome seller a while back. I waited it out, tempting fate over and over since it was a Buy It Now, but the price finally hit a point that I couldn't say no. This is a borrowed pic from the listing (I just got it here at my office, so real pics later) because I HAD to share this beautiful scarf now!

    Maggie knows I play violin and love anything to do with violins, so bless her heart she scared this up for me.

    Isn't is gorgeous?! The colors IRL are so much more saturated and rich than in this pic.


    :rochard: THANKS MaggieD! YOU ROCK!!! :rochard:

  2. OH, how awesome!!! Congratulations and wear it well.

    I have this scarf in blue and gold. It is definitely more vibrant IRL than in photos
  3. How stunning!!!
    MaggieD is just amazing!!! She has enabled so many of us! :heart::heart::heart:

    Thank you for sharing this story, PP!
  4. AWESOME!! It's a beautiful scarf. MaggieD is a sweetie!! Congrats.
  5. That scarf is a true work of art, congratulations. That is sooo sweet of you MaggieD, hurray for TPF friendships!
  6. ohhh, it's beautiful!

    MaggieD---what a great eye!! :tup:
  7. Beautiful scarf!I love to hear when someone finds a grail!
  8. Maggie is such a sweetheart! That scarf is just beautiful! Enjoy it in the best of health Prada!
  9. I love MaggieD, she is the sweetest!

    Gorgeous scarf Prada!
  10. How sweet Maggie is!!

    And a gorgeous scarf Prada in lovely fall colours.
  11. Hurray!

    Congrats Prada! It's a beaut! And extra thanks to MaggieD, acting Grail Scarf Fairy!
  12. Congrats! It's gorgeous!
  13. MaggieD is the best, our very own grail scarf fairy!!

    Congrats Prada!
  14. that is beautiful! i also play the violin & would LOVE to have this scarf as well. congrats to you & yaaaay to maggied!
  15. How sweet of maggieD! Congrats PP and enjoy your new scarf, it's lovely!