Shout Out for Kicksarefortwids!!!

  1. Our own kicksarefortwids sent me a PM the other day asking about the straps on my new Choo Choo black hobo/tote. The carrying handles had this little extra bit of leather that was curling up when the handles would lay down next to the bag. Kicks had seen this bag in NM and also saw the curly pieces. I thought it was just a design flaw (which it is, frankly) and it happened because the leather was so soft. It was annoying me to no end, too.

    You can see the piece curling up on the left side of this pic:

    I didn't think much could be done about it since I thought the buckles on the handles were decorative. Because Kicks asked about it, I started messing with the buckles and found out they ARE adjustable, so I let them out. It took care of the curly pieces because the ends can be tucked in AND (major woot here): letting the handles out that extra bit was just enough length to get the handles over my shoulder.

    Yes, I have no life, but this rocks my world. I don't mind using the long shoulder strap, but so many times I want my bag up under my arm.

  2. High five!!! :wlae:

    Good to know your leather curly Q's were fixed! hahaha! That would bug me to no end as well!!!!!:tup:
  3. Does your satchel do this, Alouette?
  4. Yay! Glad you improved your bag
  5. :dothewave:
  6. ROFL PP!!! really, the credit shouldn't go to me but to your own OCD/anal retentive personality -- and I mean that as a compliment! this is the first time i've seen my *name* in a thread -- quite a thrill.

    btw, my slow as mow-lasses SA is still trying to find me a non-scratched/dented bag -- UGH. sometimes, i truly hate Neiman Marcus.
  7. ^^^For $1800 plus tax, you betcher arse I'm A.R. ;)
  8. LOL...The straps on all my Pradas adjust too...
    PP..Just a side note ..When I store the bags with the leather curling up...I always make sure to TUCK THEM IN under themselves while storing.It straightens the peices out if u always store like that..I have a few bags from Prada with this issue..LOL..SO u arent the only one it bothered..HEHE...

  9. No it doesn't..that's intersting that yours does/did though?
  10. Doesn't do it any more, Alouette! ;)

    The reason it did that was the extra length of the strap was SO long and the softness of this leather combined with the handles laying on the sides of the bag when you use the shoulder strap, or even set the bag down, made them do that. I guess the satchel is different. :shrugs:
  11. well at least you get to enjoy your bag without that annoying little idiosyncrasy!! whoohoo!