Shout it out......saved my stained Ambrosinas!!!

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  1. Last night I wore my champagne satin/chiffion Ambrosinas out for the first time and I was so sad this morning when I noticed that there were black stains on both heels from walking on the sidewalk downtown. :crybaby: We went to the Opera and we only walked from the restaurant to the theater and then back across the street for post-show cocktails.

    I can't believe that I did this, but I decided that I would attempt to clean it myself. Low and behold..... SUCCESS!!!! :yahoo:

    Here are pictures before and after. There was a slight scuff/rip on one heel and I even glued it back down. Still noticable, but definitely better than before.

    Cleaning steps:
    1. Spray Shout on fabric and let it sit for ~2 minutes
    2. Use a WHITE cloth and lightly rub the stain and watch it disappear.
    3. Repeat if necessary.
    4. Wet the cloth with a little water and wipe over entire heel to make sure you don't have a Shout ring.
    5. I used Krazy Glue (has a little brush like White Out) and dabbed TINY bit of glue onto the heel where the ripped/scuffed fabric was. I gently laid the ripped satin back down and smoothed it out with tweezers.


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  2. wow that is amazing. good as new! :wlae:
  3. ps U looking stunning!
  4. :idea::okay::woohoo::tup::yahoo:
  5. Good thinking Lynn. The results are excellent and obviously this is much cheaper than taking them to the cobbler for cleaning and repairs.
    This always happens to the heels of my CLs so I will have to try this.
    Beautiful outfit too!
  6. Good job lynn! Good to know that light colored satin shoes can be saved without a trip to the cobbler.
  7. wow, great job! :woohoo:
  8. oh wow!! amazing. the ambrosinas are one of my drool shoes but i've always been afriad of them because of the light satin color. I'm super clumsy and i have the worst luck. I always get my heels caught in grates, sidewalk gaps, etc when I expose them to the elements >_<.

    so i've always been scared that if i got these, the shoes would be ruined after one wear. now that i know about this secret..i might have to keep my eyes open.'re horrible hahah you have totally enabled me now!
  9. Well done!! I dont think i would have been brave enough to do it myself. Your dress is goregous.

    Same as Lux, i drool when i see these shoes, in any colour.
  10. Thanks for the sweet compliments! I was scared to try it myself, but I know that I would be more careful and have greater attention to detail than a cobbler who is busy and has lots of shoes to repair. I figured that if I really screwed it up, then the cobbler could fix it!!!

    luxlover - I felt the same way about light colored satin. Also, I am very careful when I am walking to stay away from grates, gaps, etc so I was surprised to see how bad they looked after their first outing. I am going to spray them with protector to be safe for next time! I love enabling!!! GO FOR IT :tup:
  11. yay they look as good as new and plus u look stunnnnnnnning!
  12. thank god for shout! btw, you look amazing!
  13. Wow!
  14. Amazing! They look great!
  15. Great idea!!!!
    PS - TPF says hi!