Shouls I?

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  1. I saw the NM private sale shoes and I saw the gold Manolo Mary Janes are on sale. Should I get them??? What's really pushing me to yes is how amazing the Canadian dollar is. The Mary Janes are like 695 or 795 here and basically NEVER go on sale.

    So for those of you who have these shoes, how comfy are they? Do they fun TTS?

    Also should I go for the basic patent black or the patent gold ones (they say patent bronze but they look gold so for anyone who has these how is the color?)

    **Just to Clarify the blacks are NOT on sale, but I was wondering if I should bite the bullet and just get the black eventually or get the gold since they are on sale**

    Also, do you think these will ever go cheaper than they are now (555 - 30% = 388.5).

  2. The black patent ones are on-sale? Really? I just tried clicking on the link for those and somehow the black ones are shown as on pre-order, regular price....? Am I doing something wrong?

    BTW between the black & the gold I'd definitely go with the black. But if I were getting that shoe I'd prefer the 105mm/4-inch version over the 90mm/3-inch version.
  3. the blacks aren't on sale...I added in a little edit. the gold are one sale, but I didn't know if I should get the gold because they are on sale or wait and get the black full price
  4. I prefer the black, but the bronze are a good deal. I tried these on and didn't think they were very comfortable, but Manolos have never been that comfy for me.
  5. If you prefer black, you should get the black ones and not care that the others are a good deal. I love this shoe
  6. Get them...they are rare to find on sale. I was at NM today but didnt see them or else I would have picked them up. I think they are a classic shoe in every color. Black is always the way to go, but if you find a good deal on something go for it!
  7. I prefer black too. I tried them on before and I felt they ran TTS.