Shouldn't zippy wallet have a serial number?

  1. Ok, I'm usually a Gucci girl but today I bought my first piece of Louis Vuitton in over 7 years. It's just a simple zippy wallet, but I love it. When I got it home I looked for stamped serial number, but I can't find one. Is this normal? I'm also glad I went for the wallet because the SA told me the prices were going up next week. She didn't know what items would increase in price, but that prices would go up 4-10% on some items.
  2. It's called a date code and every authentic item should have it. Check along the seams of it, it might be camouflaged, depending on which line it is. :yes: Also, congrats on your first LV!!!! :yahoo:
  3. Congrats on your new zippy wallet! You'll have a stamped date code which indicates when and where it was made. Check inside the large slots (for bills) next to the outside of the wallet. They can be really hard to find & see.
  4. 10% increase!? :wtf: :wtf:
  5. Thanks missyanne and queenmab, I found it. I just bought the wallet today from the San Francisco boutique so I was sure it was the real thing, but I was getting a little worried .........
  6. Yeh, I had heard about an incrase but that was the first time I heard upto 10%. Maybe she was just trying to make sure I bought something today.