Shoulders tight?

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  1. I'm thinking about my Kensigton trench I just got and wondering if this is normal.

    As I raise my arms, this happens (see pic). It feels slightly tight but not so much that I can't raise arms.

    I don't have this problem if the coat is unbuttoned.


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  2. Here's a close up

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  3. That does look a bit tight. I size up when I bought my Sandringham trench coat since the sales warn me the sleeves will be tight since it's a slim fit. I normally wear US 2, but bought a US 4 to allow more room. The trench coat still look fitted when button up. If you just brought your trench coat, I recommend you go back to try one size up, if it's too loose, you can consider Sandringham style.
  4. I actually went two sizes up. I tried going up another size but then it was a bag everywhere else :sad:

    I have this issue with a lot of jackets and coats