Shoulder with Planet

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  1. Gone already!
  2. dang! how do things go so fast?

    are people glued to their computers?
  3. What is that like a boobie attatched to a shoulder? Did someone here get it?
  4. Not me. That's the same seller who sold me the anis twiggy. I'm going to bookmark her because maybe she has more goodies.
  5. damn. a boobie.

    i was at Chili's eating dinner.

  6. That was a weird auction with weird pictures, lol
  7. So the seller is okay?? I bought the bubblegum day from her and I hope I like it!

    I think she scans her photos instead of taking them with a camera.
  8. I bought her anis twiggy. But, yeah, those were scanned photos. I collect Art Deco watches and a lot of watch sellers use scanners for their pictures.
  9. so did a PFer get the set?

    if she dont want that ugly old boobie do you? no, the color is wrong, it doesnt go with anything you own, your dog will be jealous, and I just know you would want it to be with other boobies right?


    darn. I tried.

    I will go off and cry a little now...~sniff~

    anyone got a tissue?:crybaby:
  10. Was that a set of dolma? :wtf::crybaby:
  11. Donna, if I recall correctly, the planet is actually integrated into the strap, it's not detachable. I nearly bid on one of these before, and I think that's why I decided against it.
  12. But LP, it looks detachable in the first picture. :shrugs:
  13. Well ... at least you didn't dribble chili on your Boobie!!!

    Sorry ... its been a LONG day and I'm punchy/silly (and besides, my husband always laughs his butt off when I slob on myself ... what he refers to as my "ski-slope"!).

  14. I have a ski slope too! Guess we're bosom buddies! ha! get it? boobies?....

    I throw away so many shirts cause I spill...NEVER on the black or dark shirts though, only on the white, pink, etc.

    Sometimes it really sucks being me.:P