Shoulder tote undecided

  1. Found these boards while searching for other handbag info. and have been spending WAY too much time reading them! Now I need some advise - I just purchased the khaki/vacheta sig. shoulder tote (#2156) and not sure about it. Before I use it I thought I'd ask if anyone has it and if so - love it or hate it? I'm only 5'1" so I'm thinking maybe it's just too big for me? I want to use it as an 'everyday" bag (though I change purses often) Also, the fact that it's all open on top - that can be good or bad. Please help me decide!
  2. I don't have a siggy version, but I do have an all leather shoulder tote and love it. I was also concerned about the open top, but I feel like it sits close enough under the arm that the openness is not really an issue. I don't know about the sig version, but the leather ones are very soft and supple so the top somewhat collapses too. I use mine as an everyday bag too and find it meets my needs perfectly. I love it so much, I'm considering picking one up in another color.:P
  3. I am 5' 1" and I have TWO shoulder totes. That's how much I love them!

  4. Jane, I love your patchwork shoulder totes. I'm thinking that I should've went with one of those. I choose the sig. one because all my other coaches are leather, so something different. I want to get the denim patchwork tote (the one with the 2 handles) next, so I thought 2 patchwork ones might not be wise, but now I am thinking I was wrong and should've went with the khaki patchwork for my shoulder tote.
  5. Buttons I have the same one as you but w/ the white trim. I'm 5'2" & I love it, I use it as an everyday bag also & as maxie mentioned above the open top collapses under your arm so it's secure enough that no one can reach in & grab something. I would be worried about the vachetta though I would just be afraid of dirt showing so easily & I hate the process of it changing. The next shoulder tote I'm planning to get is the denim patchwork tote like it!
  6. Does anyone here have the vachetta and if so, how has it held up? I'm now certain that I want to keep this style, but wondering if I should exchange it for a different "color". The reason I didn't get the white is because of the dirt, but maybe the vachetta is worse? This is the first time I've ever had a hard time deciding on a handbag!!!!
  7. The vachetta is a natural, untreated leather, like the leather they use on the LV signature line--it darkens with age, and can spot. It will not stay the same color as the day that you bought it. That being said, I liked how the trim on my bag darkened.
  8. I have some older LV pieces (they're about 14 years old - gosh I do remember getting my first "spot" on it!) and I do like the way they are darkened, however, I'm wondering how this will look on the Coach bag. It looks good on the LV because of the darker color of the bag, but the Coach sig. ??Hmmm
  9. I want to get the denim patchwork tote (the one with the 2 handles) next

    I bought that one first and it was way too heavy for me, and very uncomfortable under the shoulder! Just a warning, be sure you try it on and fill it with your stuff at the store before you buy it. I returned mine and got the shoulder tote instead.
  10. I am so glad you said this, as I almost ordered it last night (but it was backordered) So, I went to Macy's today and tried it on - it WAS too heavy and bulky for me. It was funny - the SA put it on her shoulder to carry it back to the case and it looked GREAT on her though:shrugs: I think I've decided to exchange the tote (with the vachetta) for the denim one, and then wait til August when the new Sig. satchel comes out in Khaki (it's on pg 12/13 in the new catalog in blk and wht only)
  11. I love the shoulder totes and patchwork. Jane, thanks for the pic.
  12. Well I went to Macys and bought the patchwork shoulder tote this weekend. I love it! Still didn't return the sig. shoulder tote. Not sure if I'l keep it or exchange for a different style.
  13. One of my fall/winter bags will be the shoulder tote in black pebbled leather. I really like the look and comfort of them.