Shoulder Tote: Leather or Signature??

  1. What do you guys think? DO you like the all leather shoulder tote, or the signature shoulder tote? (in any color) Do any of you have pics of them on your shoulder or just have pics of ones you own? It is soo hard to decide! Thanks a bunch!!
    coachleather.jpg coachsignature.jpg
  2. I agree it's hard to decide because I :heart: them both. I wasn't really a fan of pebbled leather until I started looking at them on eBay. Just came from there, and it has defintely changed my mind. I may get them both. If I get one or both, it'll be in brown. Good luck in your decision!
  3. Leather! Coach's pebbled leather is wonderful. I have the Chelsea Field bag from last fall in that same leather - it's lovely to touch, and will last a lifetime.
  4. Geez I know it stinks! I agree, I love the brown, it is so rich and pretty! I love the feel of leather and the upkeep, but there is something about the signature line I love too.. uggh!! :nuts:
  5. If the signature part of the bag was khaki, I would say that. But, the signature & the leather both being dark brown looks funny to me. I might change my opinion once I see it in person. I like the brown leather shoulder's gorgeous..I might have to get that for myself. I don't own any of coachs leather pieces.
  6. actually there is a signature khahi, and it comes with the vachetta or the dark brown.
  7. I won't get vachetta personally. I hate the process of it darkening. But the khaki signature & dark brown leather sounds dreamy. I might have to check it out this weekend, I have this same shoulder tote but white trim instead...hmm I'm trying to save for my first LV what should I do??
  8. I prefer signature because the bag ends up weighing less. I own two patchwork shoulder bags and I think that's a great compromise.
  9. lol.. believe me, I am not one that can sanely give any advice!!! :sos:
  10. here are the other two.....
    coahvach.jpg coachkhaki.jpg
  11. I love the look of the vachetta once it is dark, but having 3 kids and a crazy lifestyle, I also hate the vachetta for water, staining, etc.. it is hard!!
  12. [​IMG]:heart: :love: :heart:
  13. I have the vachetta/khaki Shoulder (and a patchwork denim) shoulder tote and love them. I did go to the store last week and looked at all of them - sig/brown leather, brown/brown, all leather, etc. I was thinking of exchanging my vachetta one b4 I used it. I ended up keeping the vachetta one but my other favorite was the brown sig./brown leather. It is very pretty!
  14. Definitely SIGNATURE!!

    i want the khaki/mahogany so bad...i want to go today and buy it...depends on what hubby says.

    I'm just not a fan of pebbled leather, which is why i say sig.
  15. oh my gosh you guys are killing me! lol I found some good buy on ebay, authentic, but they are all either the camel pebbled leather, or the kahki/vachetta signature.. I wish I had more options! It is hard when you can save like $100, but I know it is more important to get what I want. decisions, decisions... arrrgghhhh