Shoulder Tote Ideas for Travel

  1. Calling for help and ideas from anyone.

    I am traveling with my three toddlers and need a shoulder tote that will do me justice. I realize I can't take my nice handbags for this trip because they just won't serve the purpose. I am sure I will be stuffing the typical necessities along with food/snacks, probably drinks, tickets, and who knows what else?

    I want to look nice, but I am willing to sacrifice that a bit for the purpose.

    Any ideas? Any favorites?

    Thank you in advance!
  2. I've been through the search and have gone thru many bags for traveling including a big Coach satchel but my latest favorite is a very inexpensive cotton bag from item #F10894. It is kind of cute (in it's way), is very roomy, has lots of inside pockets and some outside pockets and best of all, is VERY lightweight and fits nicely on my shoulder. Hope this helps!
  3. Search Options : this is the link to the qvc bag. good luck!
  4. I'm new at this and I guess I don't know how to get a link on my posting. sorry but try and then the item I mentioned in my first posting.
  5. Thank you all for advice. I am on the hunt!

    (Oops...sorry mods...realized after I posted I was in the wrong section!)
  6. sorry, I'm hopeless
  7. the tokidoki tote! its almost duffel bag shaped but it fits on your shoulder well! i was trying it on at bloomies the other week and LOVED IT! so fun too!
  8. I have just been through this - after a long time I went to UK and found out at the airport (AFTER checking in) that you can only have 1 hand luggage.... needless to say I had to buy another very useless and cheap bag to get my stuff in.

    I would recommend a large LV bucket - a canvas version, maybe the damier. I think you can get everything in, still look very stylish - I am guessing that HErmes is the usual choice? so based on that my recommendation. plus it will last you as well. otherwise a xlarge pliage from longchamp - always a good option
  9. I'm loving the Hayden Harnett Ibizi & have 2 (olive & black). I originally got the olive / chocolate one for travel (it matched my Thalia) & loved it so much I started carrying it to work everyday. Of course, that led to getting the black & now ordering a Lorca to match! One of the original attractions (the padded laptop section) has proven to be very handy for organizing & protecting fragile stuff though I don't carry my laptop except for travel. They have really big outside pockets, big inner pockets & the combination of leather & nylon make them stylish & durable. They have tote handles & a removable shoulder strap & snaps to make them half the size if you need to make them smaller. Needless to say, I'm in love with mine & think they might fill your needs nicely.
  10. How about a MICHAEL by Michael Kors monogram bag? It has a monogram LV-ish vibe.

    MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Monogram Tote

    The LV Cabas Mezzo is 19"L x 13"H x 6"D. The Michael Kors is nearly the same size (18 1/2"L x 14"H x 7"D), and it's quite a bit cheaper. The LV is $1030.00, and the MK is $298.00. has some cute totes and hobos, and so does J. Crew. These are especially cute!

    J.Crew Uptown tote

    J.Crew Tumbled-leather Paola bag

    J.Crew Canvas-and-leather Anya bag
  11. Margaret Boyle

    $45 plus shipping

    "DescriptionThis tote bag is so hard to describe because it is sooo beautifully unique, You will NEVER see another purse like this. I have used a gorgeous, sturdy decorator fabric which will suit the teacher, the Mom, the student, the traveler and anyone else who might need to carry lots of goodies with them. Multi-colors bring the design to life. This purse measures 18"W x 10"H with a generous, re-enforced 5" base. The padded shoulder drop handles are 12" and deliberately placed so they will NOT fall off your shoulder! I have added four exterior pockets, on the side seams, for increased functionality and style. The closure is an unusual velcro flap and loop. The interior is a beautifully coordinated turquoise cotton, with three interior pockets for organizing your everyday necessities. This is the perfect and thoughtful gift......"

    Love the idea of so many pockets!