Shoulder Straps

  1. Can you buy shoulder straps for Chloé bags? I want to buy a navy one for my navy bay. Do they sell them separate like the LV's?
  2. I am fairly certain they don't. I remember someone else asking this question in another thread a while back.
  3. Thanks Beani P. It will be great if they sell them!
  4. Hi there,
    no they dont make one as an accessory unfortunately, they made a paddy complete with shoulder strap, and it really suits the bag, but at 120 pounds more than the original paddy I dont think it goes down too well, also, I guess with the turnarounds of colour it wouldnt be viable to sell them as an accessory.

    Here's some piccies to show you what it looks like with the strap :smile:

  5. ive never seen them sell them seperately but like you said they did do a paddy with the shoulder strap.
    i love that red bag.....TDF